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380V Battery Plate Assembly Line Battery Cover Plate Laser Welding Machine

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380V Battery Plate Assembly Line Battery Cover Plate Laser Welding Machine
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Stable: 97%
Speed: ≥12PPM/min
Qualified: 99.50%
Weight: 1500KG
Warranty: 1 Year
Voltage: AC220±10%
High Light:

380V Battery Plate Assembly Line


Laser Welding Battery Plate Assembly Line


Battery Cover Plate Laser Welding Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZeCheng
Model Number: ZC-AA-51
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90 Working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per months
Product Description

Battery Cover Plate Laser Welding Machine, Semi Auto Battery Pack Assembly Line


1, Equipment overview is shown in the following table

Device name Square cap welding machine
The power supply requirements

Three-phase 380V±5%, 50Hz

Rated power: ≤12KW

Rated current: ≤60A

Environmental requirements Temperature 5-40℃/ humidity 10-90%
Gas supply demand

Air < 0.2m cubed /h, pressure ≥0.6Mpa

Nitrogen < 0.2m cubed /h, pressure ≥0.4Mpa

Working time 24H (continuous operation)
Failure rate ≤2%(only caused by equipment)
Percent of pass ≥98% (excluding abnormal incoming materials)
staffing 1 person (loading and unloading)
Equipment efficiency 1 PPM or higher
2, Equipment structure

The equipment mainly consists of laser host and welding workstation.

The equipment structure is shown below

3, Equipment configuration

The main configuration of the equipment is shown in the table below

unit instructions Quantity
Welding station Welding fixture system   1
Laser motion system Three axis 1
Monitoring system   1
Welding protection system   1
Dust cleaning system   1
cleaning system columns 2
Welding control system   1
Laser host laser Interpublic / 2000 w 1
Water cooling machine DOLUYO / 2 p 1
Laser welded joint import 1

4 ,welding workstation

The welding unit mainly includes movement system, welding protection system, monitoring system, fixture, dust cleaning system and welding control system. The welding table is shown in the figure below.

Motor system

The motion system adopts precise three-axis motion mechanism, and its technical parameters are as follows.


Parameters of the item Typical values
The X axis stroke 500 mm
Y trip 400 mm
The Z axis stroke 400 mm
XYZ axis positioning accuracy + / - 0.01 mm or less
XYZ axis interpolation speed 250 mm/s or less
X, y axis drive Servo motor
The Z axis driver Servo motor (with brake)
The rotation axis 0-360°,0-100rpm

Monitoring system

For the convenience of equipment debugging and monitoring, the welding table is equipped with coaxial monitoring system.

Adopt coaxial CCD monitoring system, CCD with cross wire, monitor installed on the operating table, used to monitor the workpiece welding alignment and welding quality.

Magnification factor: ×20

Display: 8.5 "LCD

Welding protection system

In order to prevent welding oxidation, improve welding quality and pass rate, the equipment is equipped with inert gas protection device. Adopt coaxial or paraxial air pipes, switch automatically or manually controlled by solenoid valve.

Gas medium: nitrogen or argon, etc. Gas flow and pressure adjustable.

Welding control system

The welding control system mainly consists of PLC, man-machine interface and so on.

Support manual operation and automatic operation mode

Support laser power slow rise slow fall

Support repair welding function mode

Support linear and circular interpolation

Support single shift capacity count display

Support movement speed and other welding parameters adjustable

Support I/O signal testing and monitoring

Support real-time fault alarm prompt

Dust cleaning system

In order to timely and effectively absorb the smoke and dust generated by welding, keep the welding working space clean, and prevent the influence of smoke and dust on the welding quality, the equipment is equipped with a smoke and dust purifier.

Smoke and dust purifier is mainly composed of smoking port, conveying pipe, wheel fan, filter screen and purified cotton.

Welding fixture system:

In order to adapt to different welding methods of battery welding technology, the welding fixture platform adopts a rotating motor structure, which can carry out 0-360 degree automatic continuous rotation, and the rotation Angle can be set on the touch screen.The adjustment accuracy is not more than -0.1mm(1 'at rotation), and the adjustment speed is from 0 to 100rpm, which can be adjusted continuously.


The main technical parameters of the smoke purifier are shown in the following table

Parameters of the item Typical values
Maximum air volume After 318 m/h
The largest wind pressure 290 mbar
The noise 50 db or less
The filter material PTFE
Filter area 9 ㎡
Filtration precision 0.3 1 um
Filtration efficiency 99%
The air inlet diameter Outside diameter Ø 50 mm
Soot cleaning way Automatic ash removal + drawer dust collection
Volume of dust collector 20 l
Protection grade IP55
The weight of the 180 kg
size 650 w * 650 d * 1419 h (mm)
The power supply requirements

AC380V, 50 hz

Rated power 4KW

Rated current: 10A

Wiring 3 p + N + PE

Environmental requirements 5-45 ℃ temperature; 10-90% humidity
5, laser host

The laser host consists of a laser, a water cooler and a welding head laser

The laser USES China Max continuous fiber laser. See the table below for the main technical parameters

Parameters of the item Typical values
Maximum output power MFSC-2000 w.
Working mode Continuous/pulse
Power adjustment range 10% - 100%.
The output light beam A beam of light
Optical fiber

Core diameter 50um length 10m

Joint QBH

Energy instability Plus or minus 2% or less
The laser wavelength, 10 nm to 1070 nm +
The quality of light 5 mm or less. Mrad
Continuous working time 24 hour
Cooling medium Deionized or distilled water
Calibration system Semiconductor red light indication
The weight of the < 300 kg
The power supply requirements

AC380V plus or minus 10%, 50/60 hz

Rated power7KW

Rated current: 10A

Wiring 3 p + N + PE

Environmental requirements

10 and 40 ℃ temperature

10-90% humidity

Water cooling machine

The water cooler is standard equipped by China Max laser, and adopts high precision double warm water cooling unit

See the table below for the main technical parameters

Parameters of the item Typical values
Refrigerating capacity 5 kw
The tank volume 100 l
refrigerant R22
Water temperature control range

Laser 22 + / - 1 ℃

Optical 27 + / - 1 ℃

Alarm function Water level, low temperature, high temperature, overload, etc
The power supply requirements

AC380V plus or minus 10%, 50 hz 3 p + N + PE

Rated power 3Kw

Rated current: 10A

Environmental requirements

5-45 ℃ temperature

10-90% humidity

Laser welded joint

The laser welding head adopts the special laser welding head for imported fiber laser.

Features of laser welding joint:

Modular design, simple unit replacement and collocation

The protection mirror is easy to clean and maintain

Sealed design, dustproof and waterproof, long-term effective protection from contamination of the lens and optical fiber

Water circulation cooling, ensure continuous and stable work, prevent temperature rise affect laser energy output

See the table below for the main technical parameters

Parameters of the item Typical values
Collimating unit FC = 100 mm
Focusing on the unit FF = 200 mm
The monitoring unit Coaxial CCD, real-time magnification 20 times
To protect the unit Coaxial or paraxial
To protect the mirror D30 x 2 mm
The weight of the 2 kg
  1. Glove box

6.1Equipment is introduced

Face to face operation, integrated with single column purification unit, PLC control and touch screen operation, vacuum pump, support, a closed box with inclined operating surface and detachable safety glass front window.In 99.999% inert gas sources, the water oxygen index is less than 1 PPM


  • closed recirculation

The inert gas in the glove box circulates through the circulating fan and purifier and is continuously dehydrated and deoxygenated

  • Automatic controlled regeneration

The dehydrated and deoxygenated material can be regenerated and the regeneration process is controlled by the program

  • Auto cleaning

The atmosphere replacement in the glove box is accomplished by an automatically controlled cleaning valve

  • Box pressure control

The pressure inside the glove box is automatically controlled by PLC, which can be set freely

  • Vacuum pump automatic control

The vacuum pump is required to start automatically when the system needs it,Vacuum pump can realize automatic or manual speed regulation, according to the need to adjust the vacuum pumping speed

6.3, The main parameters:

Water oxygen index: less than 1 PPM;

6.4, Technical indicators:

1) Glove box bodyBody:

Material: 304 stainless steel, 3mm thickInner

surface: stainless steel wiredrawing treatment

Exterior: painted, white

Front window: slanted window, transparent tempered safety glass, 8 mm thick

Glove mouth: aluminum alloy, o-ring seal

Gloves: butyl rubber, thickness 0.4mm, diameter 8 ", length 32"

Filter: 0.3 micron, 1 gas inlet and 1 gas outlet

Box lighting: LED lights, installed in front of each window

Interface: 3 standby interfaces, DN 40 KF;1 power supply interface (220V)

The inner size;1500mm9(L)*1000mm(W)*900mm(H)

2) Big transition tank

Transition tank

Size:Diameter 450mm, length 600mm

Material: 304 stainless steel

Surface: inner surface is brushed, outer surface is painted (white)

The attachment

Sliding tray: 304 stainless steel

Door: double door, anodized aluminum oxide, 10mm thick, vertical operation, with lifting mechanism

Pressure gauge: analog display


Solenoid valve touch screen automatic operation, solenoid valve touch screen automatic operation, a key to complete the operation of the large transition chamber, namely automatic vacuum and air three times.

Edward vacuum pump, model;RV8, can be started manually or by PLC, flow rate is 8m3/h, can vacuum the transition chamber, and keep the pressure balance of the chamber, the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum pump ≤2x10-1pa,The worker can adjust the speed of vacuum pump.


3) Small transition tank

Transition tank

The diameter is 150mm, the length is 300mm, and the length into the box is 100mm

Material: 304 stainless steel, detachable cabin,

Surface: inner surface is brushed, outer surface is painted (white)

The attachment

Door: double door, button-down type, trapezoid with movable slide plate

Pressure gauge: analog display


Manual valve manual operation

4)1set Gas purification circulation system

4.1Purification column

Function: airtight, dehydrating and deoxidizing

Container material: 304 stainless steel

Purification material: copper catalyst: 5 kg;

Molecular sieve: 5kg

Purification capacity: deoxygenation: 60L;In addition to the water: 2 kg,

Water oxygen index: less than 1ppm

4.2The circulatory system

Working gas: nitrogen, argon, helium

Circulation capacity: the flow rate of the integrated fan is 90m3/h, which can be converted, and the flow rate of the fan can be adjusted according to the water and oxygen content.

The recirculation gas(argon) should maintain the grade according to GOST10157-2016.


Operation: PLC automatically controls the regeneration process

Regenerated gas: working gas mixed with hydrogen gas (hydrogen 5-10%)

4.4The valve

Main valve: DN 40 KF, electro-pneumatic Angle valve

Control valve: solenoid integrated valve, reduce leakage rate

5)Control system:

Functions: including self-diagnosis, power failure and self-starting features, with pressure control and adaptive functions;Automatic control, loop control, password protection;Unit control using Siemens PLC touch screen.

Pressure control: the pressure of the control box and the transition chamber can be set freely in the +/ -10mbar working pressure, and the system can be automatically protected beyond +/ -12mbar;

Foot pedal: control the pressure of the box body to facilitate the operation of pressure boost and pressure drop

6)Display system: Siemens PLC touch screen smart 700, display operation status, box pressure, system recording, etc

7)Vacuum system control condition

Edward vacuum pump, model;RV8, can be started manually or by PLC, flow rate is 8m3/h, can vacuum the transition chamber, and keep the pressure balance of the chamber, the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum pump ≤2x10-1pa

8) Oxygen analyzer

Measurement range: 0 ~ 1000ppm.

9)Water analyzer

Measurement range: 0 ~ 500ppm

It has a wide range of applications, especially for users such as lithium battery manufacturing and metal-organic, which can restore the initial state by cleaning and regenerating program, avoiding the problem of scrap after one pollution.

10)Dust removal system

The flow rate of the integrated dust removal fan is 90m3/h, and it is equipped with filter tank and performance observation window.

6. Equipment acceptance conditions

6.1 random submission of documents, tools and spare parts list:

No. Material (data) name quantity Submit time note



Equipment operation manual :(including the following)

2.1 equipment description

and operating instructions;

2.2 equipment

maintenance and repair manual: Brief introduction

of equipment working principle; General mechanical layout drawing and component assembly iagram; Lubrication maintenance specification;

All of the material of above have Chinese and Russian

1 set







On delivery or before the equipment is delivered for





2 Packing list and product certificate   When the delivery  
3 Electrical schematic diagram, PLC program diagram 1 / After receiving the full payment  
4 Pneumatic diagrams in equipment 1 After receiving the full payment  



Drawing of wearing parts and spare parts 1 / When the delivery

Part of wearing parts provide

PDF size drawing

6 The fixture of based on drawing Annex No.1 Drawing No1,2,3 When the delivery  
7 The fixture of based on drawing Annex No.2 Drawing No1,2,3 When the delivery  


6.2 acceptance documents: equipment pre-acceptance documents and equipment final acceptance documents.

6.2.1 acceptance model:

6.2.2 acceptance results: acceptance shall be conducted according to the technical agreement.

6.2.3 pre-acceptance criteria: pre-acceptance shall be conducted on the seller's site; the contents of the equipment are complete and intact, and conform to the relevant provisions of the contract and technical agreement; pre-acceptance shall mainly check the functions, technical indicators and appearance of the equipment, and further adjust the pre-acceptance non-conforming items according to the requirements put forward by the buyer. After the adjustment is completed, goods shall be delivered with the buyer's consent. pre-acceptance forms acceptance summary;

6.2.4 final acceptance criteria materials used for acceptance test meet the requirements of this agreement; formal acceptance shall be conducted 48 hours after normal production of the equipment, and continuous operation shall be conducted for 2 hours during the acceptance. The accuracy of sorting products shall be no less than 95% (except for defective incoming materials), and the operation rate of equipment shall be no less than 90% (except for faults repaired within 10 minutes); acceptance shall be attended by the engineering technicians designated by both parties and the acceptance report shall be signed jointly.

7. Rights and obligations of the seller and buyer:

No. project responsibility Remarks (" * "means the party undertaking)
The buyer The seller
1 Foundation construction О   Do it as needed

Material mixing at seller's site:

Battery (20 PCS)



  To be provided upon receipt of notice from the seller
3 transport   О  
4 The unloading handling О   Place installation position and secure
5 Equipment supporting conditions О    
6 Air piping construction О  

The pressure should be stable and the air

source should meet the

requirements of

relevant parameters

7 Electrical construction О   Independent power switch is required, and power regulator is added when necessary

A wiring

Air over



  Separate air switch and air source interface are required

The secondary wiring

Wiring other than above

Cable preparation



  Surface conduit wiring is used between machines

Installation and debugging

Electric power, compressed air, pole plate,

О О Arrange related operators, maintenance personnel and technical personnel to cooperate


11.1 train operators and

security personnel to

operate the equipment

correctly, so that the

security staff can correctly

and quickly deal with

equipment failures;

11.2 The training includes the preservation knowledge of the

whole control system and mechanical

system and provides training materials;

11.3 training results: the operator is skilled in operation, and the security personnel can deal with common faults.


The buyer shall designate operators

and maintenance

personnel. And fixed,

not arbitrary

replacement; Two free

training sessions are


Opportunity (training at buyer), third charge: travel cost.





Confidentiality clause

12.1 both parties shall be

obliged to keep confidential any technical materials and documents provided by

the other party and shall not

do so without the other party's permission

Any means of transmission

or leakage to third parties;

12.2 the buyer undertakes not to do so, nor Allow other third parties to copy the class Equipment, otherwise bear all losses caused to the seller.













After-sales service:

13.1 within one year from the date of signature of the final acceptance summary, the seller shall be responsible for free and timely warranty for non-human faults (the seller shall arrive at the buyer's site 48 hours after receiving the buyer's notice); 13.2 over one year, the seller shall timely repair, only charge cost;





The trouble-free time of ball screw and linear bearing under normal

use is 80,000 hours;



Product update:

Because sell a person technical development, of equipment upgrade and performance improvement, answer the requirement of vendee to sell a person to should be responsible for upgrade, sell a person to collect transform cost cost only








8. Others:

8.1 this technical agreement and its annex shall be regarded as the basis for equipment manufacturing and acceptance and shall be equally valid as the purchase contract.

8.2 this technical agreement is made in two originals, with one held by each party of the seller and buyer, and shall come into force after being signed and sealed by both parties.

8.3 matters not mentioned in this technical agreement shall be settled by both parties through negotiation.

Cooperation commitment

1. New equipment promise

Our company guarantees that the goods provided to customers are brand new, complete and unused equipment.

2. Confidentiality commitment

Our company promises that without the written permission of any party, the other party's related drawings, technical information, business information and other business secrets and technical secrets must not be leaked to third parties in any way.

3. After-sales service commitment

(1)Two months from the date of shipment of the equipment, Party B is responsible for non-human faults in a timely and free warranty within one year (when the equipment is faulty, the after-sales service staff will respond within 2 hours after receiving the notification. According to the situation, personnel must be in place within 48 hours. No later than 60 hours, to ensure the continuity of production by the buyer;

(2)After the equipment has passed the warranty period, if there is a problem, the two parties communicate and deal with it. If necessary, after-sales personnel will be sent to repair it, and only the cost will be charged. Zh

(3)During the warranty period stipulated in the contract and technical agreement signed by the two parties, the company will provide a warranty for quality problems that are not caused by human damage during the normal use of our products.

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