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2KW 1PPM Liquid Injection Machine Auto Power Battery Glove Box

2KW 1PPM Liquid Injection Machine Auto Power Battery Glove Box
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Power: 2KW
Speed: 1PPM
Precision Injection Fluid: ±1% Within
Precision Of Electronic Scale: Range: 4Kg, Accuracy ±0.1g
Overall Dimensions: 4000*1900*1800
Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa
High Light:

1PPM Liquid Injection Machine


2KW Liquid Injection Machine


Auto Power Battery Glove Box

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zecheng
Model Number: ZDAE07C
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90 workdays
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per months
Product Description

Liquid Injection Machine Auto power battery glove box automatic injection machine

1.Liquid injection machine briefly
This equipment is suitable for steel battery shell in the glove box or dry injection liquid, realize the artificial scan code, automatic weighing, automatic injection fluid, automatic vacuum let stand, automatic weighing, automatic blanking, artificial rehydration process in the glove box or drying room for batch production of automatic equipment of the battery.
2. The design requirements
2.1. Suitable for battery size: 240mm in length, 110mm in width and 40mm in thickness.

2KW 1PPM Liquid Injection Machine Auto Power Battery Glove Box 0

2.2. The sample is vacuumed first and then injected with liquid, then injected with liquid once, and then the vacuum and pressure are alternately placed after the injection. The absorption consistency is good, the uniformity is good, the efficiency is high, the precision is high, and the operation is convenient and reliable.
2.3. Pour process: artificial put battery into liquid injection tray - prior to sweep code - > battery liquid injection automatic weighing liquid - liquid tray automatic transfer to the injection location to sensor automatic detection liquid injection locations, servo motor drives the injection liquid head move - automatic vacuum, filler, let stand absorption (liquid injection station) - > note liquid tray automatically from liquid location flow - injection liquid after automatic weighing (unqualified batteries artificial rehydration) - automatic blanking - artificial packing seal.
2.4. Automatic liquid injection: 2 liquid injection pumps.
2.4.1. Standing: alternate between pressure and low vacuum.
2.4.2. Automatic downforce: to separate the battery from the injection nozzle.
2.4.3. Remove the bracket, put on the new unfilled bracket, and repeat the operation flow of items 7 to 11.The liquid-filled battery bracket is moved forward;
2.4.4. Weigh again.The battery bracket moves to the reweighing station after pulling belt B, the code reader reads the bar code of the bracket, and the manipulatorMove 4 batteries to the weighing sensor at the same time, weigh, read the bar code and weighing data into the computer.The computer calculates the battery automaticallyThe injection volume and inform the injection volume is qualified, NG will have an immediate alarm, and the NG battery automatically excluded, manual inRemove the drain battery.
2.4.5 when the bracket reaches the left end of the pull belt mouth of B, the discharging manipulator shall move the battery to the device of the next process in one group;The empty bracket is carried by the manipulator 1 to pull belt A, and the bracket is backflowed by the left way and right;At the right end of pull band A, the manipulator 2 large empty brackets are carried to pull band B.
2.4.6 vacuum time and standing time can be set according to the situation. Pressure standing or atmospheric standing can be selected
2.5. Automatic weighing and pulling system: automatic bracket flow pulling and pulling, manual bar code scanning, automatic battery weighing, weighing computer and data processing, database, NG alarm and other functions.
2KW 1PPM Liquid Injection Machine Auto Power Battery Glove Box 1
3. Equipment technical parameters



Precision injection fluid±1% within
Let stand timeCalculated according to 14min.
The yieldThe qualified rate of one injection is > 99%, and the unqualified battery USES manual recharging solution.
Liquid injection rate0~500mladjustable
Precision of electronic scaleRange: 4Kg, accuracy ±0.1g.
sealingThe liquid injection station is in the sealed state, and the vacuum is pumped to -95kpa, which can be maintained for 20min)
Overall dimensions4000*1900*1800



Q1: Are you factory or trading company?
A: We are factory, with our R&D team, production department, from battery welding machine, etc design , drawing, process, assembly,commission, and final package and shipping.
Q2: Do you accept customization?
A2: YES. we accept customized machine. our strong R&D with 10+year rich experience can do customization.
Q3: About Price?
A3: Price is negotiable. It can be changed according to each battery welding or sorting machine internal configuration ,and also your order quantity.
Q4: About delivery?
A4. Standard welding machine can be delivered within 10days. Customized battery assembly machine can be delivered within 40days or negotiable.

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