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50AH Semi Automatic Laminating System For Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

50AH Semi Automatic Laminating System For Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
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Positive Length/tolerance (mm): 105.5/0.3
Positive Width/tolerance (mm): 55/0.3
Lamination Speed (S/ Lamination): 1.2-1.5
Single Piece Alignment Accuracy: + / - 0.2 Mm;
Alignment Accuracy Of The Whole Plate: + / - 0.5 Mm
Total Power (KW): 6.3
High Light:

50AH Semi Automatic Laminating System


50AH Phosphate Battery Laminating System


Power battery Semi Automatic Laminating System

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ZECHENG
Model Number: ZSC01A-00
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Packaging Details: The wooden case
Delivery Time: 70 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 20
Product Description

50AH Semi Automatic Laminating System For Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


Power battery semi-automatic laminating machine


1. The profile

This equipment is mainly applicable to the Z-shaped lamination process of power battery. PID control is adopted to control the diaphragm constant tension, and secondary positioning is adopted to ensure the lamination accuracy within 0.5mm.Unique double - position CAM lamination mechanism, high speed, the adoption of lamination and dressing separate way, effectively improve the cost performance of the product.

Special features:

1.1 PID is used to control the diaphragm constant tension

Dc motor is used to collect data transmitted by precision potentiometer, and PID operation is used to control the tension of diaphragm during the swing process.

1.2 high precision

Through the secondary positioning of the pole piece, the accuracy of the pole piece in the stack is guaranteed to reach 0.5mm.

1.3 Stacking speed: 1.2-1.5 slices/second

The servo motor is used to drive the sucker to move quickly from side to side on the slide track for lampling.

1.4 Low operating cost

The device adopts the separate method of lamination and dressing. The device only does lamination. After lamination, the cell is taken out manually and the cell is clamped to prevent loosing.

2. Constitute a

The composition is shown below



System composition

The system configuration



Rack system


1 set 


Welded skeleton construction



Substrate (plate plating)



Subpositioning system


4 sets 


Feeding and positioning mechanism



SMC cylinder -



Bin institutions


4 sets 


Material box - Zecheng



Pole plate lifting mechanism


4 sets 


Motor - Yamanashi



Linear guide - Upper silver



Ball screw - Top silver



Pole manipulator


2 sets 


Stepper motor



Linear guide - Upper silver



Ball screw - Top silver



The operating system


1 set of


Touch screen - Kunlun Tongtai



Control system


1 set of


PLC, omron





3. Equipment specification

3.1 Applicable Objects

1) Named square type Li (lithium) ion secondary battery

2) Material: Composed of positive electrode: Al+ battery material negative electrode: Cu+ battery material separator: resin

Machine gauge case





Pole piece

Positive length/tolerance (mm)


Positive width/tolerance (mm)


Negative length/tolerance (mm)


Negative width/tolerance (mm)


Positive thickness (mm)


Negative thickness (mm)


The diaphragm

Width (mm)

109 plus (3-5) mm

Thickness (m)


Maximum outside diameter (mm)

Phi 250

Paper tube inner diameter (mm)


Finishing way

Manual gluing method


3) Battery size


Width of W cell (mm)

L Cell length (mm)

Thickness of H cell (mm)





Figure 5) size



Project data






Positive plate






The cathode piece








3.2 Technical parameters of equipment

Machine specifications




Technical parameters


Lamination speed (S/ lamination)


Alignment accuracy between plate and diaphragm

Center deviation less than 0.5mm(longitudinal)

Accuracy of diaphragm alignment

End alignment deviation is less than 0.5mm

Single piece alignment accuracy

+ / - 0.2 mm;

Alignment accuracy of the whole plate

+ / - 0.5 mm

Adjustable fixture width range

±10mm (adjustable)

Auxiliary time (S)

15 to 25

Working time of loading pole piece once (h)


Number of laminated

Can be set

Automatic blanking

The conveyor goes out

Laminated way

Ac servo motor

Vacuum adsorption

Special vacuum sucker

Total power (KW)


Normal operating Power (KW)



4.Mechanical specifications

4.1 lamination machine

The device adopts the principle of air pressure buffering and spring buffering. As the number of battery layers increases, the device gradually sinks, and the lamination position is always maintained in the same place. The surface of the pole plate is specially treated, and the pole plate and diaphragm are not damaged.

50AH Semi Automatic Laminating System For Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 0

4.2 The stacking platform movement system

The mechanism adopts servo motor to drive the precise ball screw to move quickly and the position precision is reliable.

50AH Semi Automatic Laminating System For Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 1

4.3 Material box components

High quality aluminum alloy material, the surface after special treatment, smooth wear resistance, no wear and waste. At the same time, both sides of the material box adopt the way of blowing air and vacuuming, to suck the dust away, at the same time, to ensure that the pole piece will not absorb the phenomenon of more than one piece when it is sucked up by the vacuum sucker.

4.4 Vacuum sucker assembly

Special vacuum sucker is used to adsorb the pole plate at multiple points to ensure that the pole plate will not collapse.From the material box suction can be folded to prevent the adsorption of multiple poles.

4.5 Pole plate automatic lifting system

The pole piece is jacked up by precise lead screw driven by stepping motor to ensure that the pole piece is always at the same height.

50AH Semi Automatic Laminating System For Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 2

4.6 Pole plate positioning system

CAM mechanism is used to accurately position the pole plate.After changing the model, you only need to adjust the position of limit block

50AH Semi Automatic Laminating System For Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery 3


4.7 Lamination manipulator system

The CAM mechanism is used to drive 4 sets of sucker components, and the lamination and positioning grasping are carried out simultaneously.

4.8 Operating system

It can be operated with a touch screen.However, emergency stop, the power switch is hard switch.

4.9 control panel

The machine is independently installed with electrical board, internal leakage switch, DC stability power supply and other power circuit components, control with PLC, relay, motor control devices.The connection with the outside shall be made by means of connector and terminal station.PLC adopts OMRON.The ceiling of the power cable is perforated. Cables and air ducts between other equipment shall be wired and piped at the lower part.


5.Energy medium

Please provide the following energy media

10.1 Power supply

1. Voltage AC220V± 10% in single phase instantaneous variation under 0.5s

2. Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz

3) Capacity: 5kVA 220V

10.2 Air

1) Pressure 0.5mpa 5kGF/Cm2

2. Capacity 401/min

10.3 Vacuum

Your company provides vacuum source (or equipment using vacuum generator).

6.Environmental conditions

The device can operate without barriers under the following environmental conditions.

  • Operating temperature: 5-35℃

Storage temperature: 0-40℃

  • Humidity 30-80% but should not dew.

  • Should not contain salt gas, toxic gas corrosive gas.

  • Dust should have no conductive dust.

  • The magnetic boundary shall not affect the magnetic boundary of the device

  • The vibration should have no shock and feel vibration.

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