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Laser Welding Machine Electric Core Pole Column Laser Welding Machine

Laser Welding Machine Electric Core Pole Column Laser Welding Machine
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Stable: 97%
Speed: ≥12PPM/min
Qualified: 99.50%
Weight: 500KG
Warranty: 1 Year
Voltage: AC220V±10%
High Light:

IP55 Electric Laser Welding Machine


IP55 battery Laser Welding Machine


AC220 Battery Cell Column Welding Device

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZeCheng
Model Number: ZCDC13A-00
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90 Working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per months
Product Description

AC380V Single Phase IP55 Electric Battery Core Pole Laser Welder



Laser Welding Machine Electric Core Pole Column Laser Welding Machine


1, equipment introduction

The equipment is mainly used for the zinc-nickel battery cell pole column laser welding, respectively, to achieve the core positioning clamping, the core pole-cell laser welding, the core polar ear shaping, the core short-circuit test and other processes.

2, equipment can adapt to the incoming materials and product specifications

2.1. Adapting to battery specifications battery single cell negative pole chip 21 pieces, positive pole 20 pieces, a total of 2 monolithic cell pole width 68mm, height 100mm

Item Range(mm)  
Thickness(H) 75
Width(W) 176.5
Length(L) 121


Acceptance test product: square zinc nickel battery 100AH

Item Range(mm)  
Thickness(T) 75
Width(W) 176.5
Length(L) 121
Laser Welding Machine Electric Core Pole Column Laser Welding Machine 0


2.1.2. Plate size diagram


Positive plate figure The cathode piece of figure

2.2,welding effect;

3 Equipment technical parameters
3.1, total power:≤15KW;
3.2, power supply: AC380 V±10% 50HZ ,three-phase five-wire system;
3.3, Compressed air: pressure≥ 0.5 MPa,flow≥12m³/h;
3.4, Vacuum source:≤-90KPa(provided by Party A), suction≥18m³/h;
3.5, Weight of equipment:≤1.5 tons .Ground load requirements:650kg/㎡;

3.6, Nitrogen: pressure≥0.5 MPa,<0.2m³/h,

3.7. Dimensions :(length) 4620* (width) 1500* (height) 2000; (for reference only, mainly in kind);
3.8, equipment efficiency ≥ 5PPM (equipment operating efficiency, excluding other factors, equipment survival rate ≥ 99%, product yield ≥ 98%;

3.9 laser power: 4000W multi-mode
4. Function introduction

4.1. Pole ear laser welding shaping mechanis

4 station turntable design, 1 station loading, positioning, clamping, 2 station pressing laser welding vacuum, 3 station welding shaping, 4 station short circuit test.

4.2Positioning of the material on the cell

Pneumatic cylinder and spring structure are adopted to tighten the fixture, loosen the positioning and improve the operation accuracy of each station on the turntable.

4.3 Polar ear laser welding

4.3.1 Laser welding compact assembly: When the electric core is transferred to the laser welding station on the rotary table, press down the compression cylinder and press the electric core pole ear to the pole column to ensure that the pole ear is not loose during laser welding.

4.3.2 Laser welding components:

Laser host: The laser host consists of laser, water cooling machine, welding head

Laser: The laser adopts the domestic Chuangxin continuous fiber laser. See the following table for the main technical parameters

Laser Welding Machine Electric Core Pole Column Laser Welding Machine 1

Water cooler: adopt high precision double warm water cooler unit

See the following table for the main technical parameters

Parameters of the item Typical values
Refrigerating capacity 5KW
The tank volume 100L
Refrigerant R22
Temperature control range Laser 22±1℃, optical 27±1℃
Alarm function Water level, low temperature, high temperature, overload, etc
Rated power

AC380V±10%, 50Hz, 3P+N+PE

Rated power: 3Kw, rated current: 10A

Environmental requirements Temperature 5-45℃, humidity 10-90%


4.3.3 Vacuum system:

Fume purification system

In order to timely and effectively absorb the welding smoke, keep the welding working space clean, and prevent the smoke from affecting the welding quality, the equipment is equipped with a smoke purifier.

The smoke and dust purifier is mainly composed of smoking mouth, conveying pipe, wheel fan, filter screen and purified cotton.

The main technical parameters of the smoke and dust purifier are shown in the table below

Parameters of the item Typical values
Maximum air volume 318m³/h
The largest wind pressure 290mbar
The noise ≤50db
The filter material PTFE
Filter area 9㎡
Filtration precision 0.3-1um
Filtration efficiency 99%
The air inlet diameter Outer diamete Ø50mm
Soot cleaning way Automatic dust clearing + drawer dust collection
Dust box capacity 20L
Protection grade IP55
Weight 180Kg
Size 650W×650D×1419H(mm)

The power supply requirements


AC380V,50Hz.Rated power 4KW

Rated current 10A, wiring 3P+N+PE

Environmental requirements 5-45 ℃ temperature; 10-90% humidity





5. Product usage environment

5.1 Compressed air: 0.4-0.6mpa; Traffic: 15L/min

5.2 power supply: AC380V single-phase; Small voltage fluctuation ±10%;

5.3 relative humidity: 30-55%HR;

5.4 No corrosive gas, liquid or explosive gas on site.

1. Random attachments

Please refer to the following table for the random attachments (for each set)

Name Specification/Specification quantity
Document Equipment operation manual   1
Certificate of approval   1
Warranty card   1
Packing list triplicate 3
Tool tool cabinet   1
Maintenance tools Inner hexagon wrench 1 set


2. Main component brands

Name of a commodity Brand
Push button switch schneider
The circuit breaker schneider
Ac contactor schneider
Relay omron
Switching power supply Ming weft
The sensor omron / panasonic
Servo motor and drive panasonic
Pneumatic components SMC/AIRTEC
Guide rail, slider, screw rod HWIN
Bearing NSK
PLC panasonic / omron
Touch screen Wilen, Display control,

3. Acceptance criteria

Equipment acceptance is divided into pre-acceptance and final acceptance.

1) Pre-acceptance: The pre-acceptance shall be carried out in Party B's company, and Party A shall send personnel and party B's personnel to confirm the equipment composition, appearance, function and relevant parameters. The equipment welding 3 samples continuously, the shutdown time caused by material reasons is not counted. During the operation, the high yield, function and technical parameters of the equipment were investigated.

2) Final acceptance: The final acceptance shall be conducted by Party A's company. The equipment shall be transported to Party A's workshop, and shall be checked and accepted after installation and debugging. The equipment welding 10 samples continuously, the downtime caused by the material is not counted. During the operation, the high yield, function and technical parameters of the equipment were investigated. If there is any problem with the equipment during acceptance inspection, Party B shall, as required by Party A, transform the equipment within the shortest time.

3) Additional explanation: Within one month after the commissioning of the equipment, if party A fails to carry out the trial production and acceptance due to insufficient material or supporting facilities preparation or failure to meet the technical specification requirements, the equipment shall be deemed to have passed the acceptance inspection.

4. Training plan

Party B is responsible for arranging professional engineers to conduct professional training for 1-3 use and maintenance personnel after party A's equipment debugging. The training contents are as follows:

1) Understand the functional modules of the whole equipment

2) Operating procedures and precautions for proper use of the equipment

3) Device program example and programming description

4) Knowledge of welding protection

5) Welding principle and technology

6) Equipment maintenance instructions

5. Scope of work

Items not specified in the table are deemed to be beyond the scope of manufacturing and execution by the Supplier.


Project Supplier Buyer Note
Design and manufacturing    
Packaging and transportation    
Handling and unpacking    
In the factory the transfer    
Water supply, power supply and gas supply   To the corresponding position of the equipment
Environmental foundation work    
Material preparation    
Installation and debugging    
A test run  

Site commissioning plan

Site commissioning plan refers to the process of equipment installation, commissioning and training completed by the equipment engineer to the user site.

A project Time
Direct the unpacking and transportation of equipment to the designated location 2H
Equipment quality inspection and water and electricity preparation 2H
Incoming material preparation and process debugging 4H
Sample trial production and process optimization 8H
Small batch production 8H
Operation and process training 4H
Computer instruction 4H
Operation and process retraining 4H
Daily maintenance and maintenance of equipment 4H


5. Quality assurance and after-sales service

1) The Supplier shall provide the equipment in accordance with the contract, technical agreement, design drawings confirmed by both parties or other process or technical requirements confirmed by both parties.


2) Within the warranty period, if the customer needs to repair or replace the equipment due to improper use, unauthorized alteration of the equipment, additional connection or human operation error, etc., the device cost and labor cost shall be charged only.

3) The Supplier shall be responsible for the quality problems of the equipment hereunder in the process of manufacturing, packaging, transportation, installation and debugging.

4) The warranty period of the whole machine is 12 months (except otherwise stated) from the date when all the equipment is tested and qualified. During the warranty period, the supplier shall provide equipment maintenance and replacement of spare parts (except consumables such as optical lenses) free of charge, and make a response to the owner within 2 hours upon receipt of the service notice (fax or letter); If the Demander cannot solve the problem by himself, the supplier's personnel should go to the buyer's site for repair within 24 hours.

5) The Supplier shall carry out a comprehensive functional overhaul and maintenance of the equipment one month before the expiration of the quality guarantee period.

6) After the warranty period, the supply price of spare parts and the maintenance cost of exported spare parts shall be subject to the minimum charge standard.

7) After the warranty period, if the equipment failure cannot be solved by the Demander, the supplier shall send professional personnel to repair in time and only charge the cost fee.

8) After the warranty period, if the price of accessories and maintenance costs are deliberately increased, the demanders have the right to protect their legal rights.

9) The pipe circuit of the equipment itself shall be complete, as well as the required bracket members or platform members. If there is any special requirement, please notify the demander in writing (or by mail) in advance.

10) The equipment itself needs all materials, accessories or other items provided by Demander, and the demander shall be notified in writing (or by mail) in advance.

11) All material import and export or loading and unloading of the equipment shall be notified to the Demander in writing (or by mail) in advance.

12) Main parts and components of the supplier's long-term inventory of equipment.

13) The supplier shall provide the spare parts required for the lifetime maintenance service at a low price (compared with the market price).

14) In the case that spare parts stop production: the supplier notifies the Demander of the plan to stop production in advance, so that the demander has enough time to purchase the required spare parts; The supplier shall provide the buyer with spare parts drawings, specifications and so on free of charge.

15) The supplier shall provide technical consultation on equipment technology and other aspects for a long term free of charge, and assist the new product technology research and development.


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