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Low Noise Liquid Injection Machine

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Low Noise Liquid Injection Machine
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Stable: 97%
Speed: ≥12PPM/min
Weight: 1500KG
Qualified: 99.50%
Warranty: 1 Year
Voltage: AC220±10%
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automatic liquid filling machine


automatic nailer machine


Low Noise Liquid Injection Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZeCheng
Model Number: ZC-AA-45
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90 Working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per months
Product Description

Low Noise Liquid Injection Machine


1. Equipment introduction

1.1. This device is specially designed for the taping process after the completion of the welding of the square module busbar sheet. It has the functions of automatic cutting and automatic taping, and is suitable for the taping with separated paper.

2. Device functions and parameters:

2.1. The size of the suitable module is as follows:

Item T3
Burst mode 1P25S-M1 1P28S-M2 1P28S-M3 1P25S-M4
Length of die * width * height(mm) 1770.5*329.3*93.5 1929*314.8*94.1 1929*314.8*94.1 1770.5*329.3*93.5
Module weight 86 95 95 86
Flatness at the bottom of the module ≤0.8mm ≤0.8mm ≤0.8mm ≤0.8mm

2.2 main functions of the equipment

1) the equipment shall have the function of material identification and refueling reminder to realize non-stop refueling;If the machine is stopped, it shall be stopped for once ≥4h, and the downtime of each stop shall be ≤ 5min.

2) the tension force control measures should be adopted in the film drawing process to ensure that the film is tensioned during the whole feeding process and film cutting process on the premise that the film is not broken. The tension force can be adjusted, and the tension force remains stable after the specification is set.

3) the rewinding mechanism provides power for the recovery of loose paper to tighten, and can receive the loose paper ≥200m;

4) the unwinding reel needs to provide the main power, has the rewind function, and is fixed in a way that takes safety into consideration. The fitting reel diameter is 100-450mm, and the effective load ≤20kg;

5) the rolling pressure is 0.1mpa when the film is applied;In the process of film sticking, there is no damage or scratch mark on the film;

6) the cutting mechanism tool has the function of life management, the requirement of blade life selection is ≥10w times, the number of cutting times can set the specification, the expiration alarm prompts the tool change;

7)Tape width 60-80mm.

2.3.Equipment technical parameters

Item ZPCD05C


Technical parameters


The efficiency of 40SApply 2 strips of tape
The total power(kw) 3KW
Normal operating power(kw) 2.75KW
Other energy media Dry compressed air source
The weight 800KG
The equipment size W1200mmXL2300mmXH1900mm
4. Energy media4.1.The power supply

4.4.1.Voltage AC220V, single phase;Voltage fluctuation is less than ±10%.

4.1.2.Frequency 50 hz.


4.2.1. Pressure 0.4 ~ 0.45mpa.

4.2.2. Flow of 10L/min.

5.Environmental conditions

The device can operate without barrier under the following environmental conditions.

5.1 ambient temperature: 5-35℃

5.2 humidity 30-80% but should not dew.

5.3 it shall be free from salt gas, toxic gas and corrosive gas.

5.4 dust shall have no conductive dust.

5.5 the magnetic boundary shall not affect the magnetic boundary of the device


After-sales service commitment

(1) Two months from the date of shipment of the equipment, Party B is responsible for non-human faults in a timely and free warranty within one year (when the equipment is faulty, the after-sales service staff will respond within 2 hours after receiving the notification. According to the situation, personnel must be in place within 48 hours. No later than 60 hours, to ensure the continuity of production by the buyer;

(2) After the equipment has passed the warranty period, if there is a problem, the two parties communicate and deal with it. If necessary, after-sales personnel will be sent to repair it, and only the cost will be charged. Zh

(3) During the warranty period stipulated in the contract and technical agreement signed by the two parties, the company will provide a warranty for quality problems that are not caused by human damage during the normal use of our products.

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