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Automatic Battery Mixing System

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Automatic Battery Mixing System
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Stable: 97%
Speed: ≥12PPM/min
Qualified: 99.50%
Weight: 1000KG
Voltage: AC220±10%
Name: Automatic Battery Mixing System
High Light:

helium spectrometer


automatic batch weighing system


5T/h lithium battery weighing and batching system

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZeCheng
Model Number: ZC-AA-565
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90 workdays
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per months
Product Description

Helium Spectrometer Automatic Battery Mixing System Batch Weighing Machine


Weighing and batching system (mixing of lithium battery anode and cathode materials, electronic weighing batching system, fully automatic batching of lithium battery)




Ingredient capacity: 5T/h


Accuracy of ingredients: 0.2%


Maximum ingredient: 1000KG


Typical material


Ze cheng automatic blending system, soft magnetic magnetic materials mixing material system, lithium batteries ternary material mixing material, PVC weighing mixing material, leather material mixing system, liquid raw materials weighing mixing material, coating material mixing system, BB fertilizer weighing material mixing system, rubber automatic mixing material system, foliar fertilizer mixing system, additive material mixing system, feed weighing batching system, fertilizer weighing line with mixing raw material

The characteristics of

Weighing batching is widely used in chemical industry, steel, grain, dock and other industries. With the improvement of factory automation, the automatic weighing and batching system has the reliability, stability and report traceability, which replaces the traditional manual operation and eliminates the economic loss caused by the wrong operation. Therefore, weighing and batching plays an extremely important role in the production process.


Composition of batching system


1. Raw material delivery system (usually equipped with bag-opening station, bag-opening station for small bags of 25kg, or bag-opening station for ton bags)


2 material conveying system (1 positive pressure pneumatic conveying 2 negative pressure vacuum feeding 3 bucket lifting machine feeding 4 pipe chain feeding)


3. Storage bin system (determine the material and volume of the storage bin according to the type of raw materials, material properties and ratio, etc.)


Batching system (type: increment method, decrement weight loss method. Conveyance: belt, screw, vibration, etc.)


5. Downstream mixer (conical mixer, disc mixer)

1. Equipment functions

This equipment mainly completes the battery positive (negative) pole material powder automatic feeding, automatic weighing, automatic mixing, the mixed material is automatically loaded into the transport car, sifted particles automatically loaded into barrels.

2,Material parameters:

2.1. Positive materials:Total feeding time of all materials: 15 minutes.

2. 2.2 negative materialEach batch:Total feeding time of all materials: 10 minutes

3. Technical proposalArtificial material barrel mentioned vacuum feeding machine (or screw feeder) below, the straw into the VAT, start switch, vacuum feeding machine through the negative pressure suction to the feeding material barrels, barrels below the weighing sensor, detecting the total weight W1, when setting A material need to add W2 weight material, equipment, automatic calculation of material barrel weight W3 = W1, W2, screw conveying device driven by servo motor rotation, the material to A stirring barrels, when weight reaches the W3, servo motor to stop, VAT valve shut off.(material B has the same principle)

Powder A, B in the process of loading, stirring barrels motor rotation, began to stir, after mixing, stop stirring, by means of the four powder hopper weighing sensor sensing the powder material weight W1, funnel when setting need to feeding the small car material, plus W2 weight equipment automatic calculation of material barrel weight W3 = W1, W2, servo motor drives the screw conveying device to rotate, material to the mixture to stir barrels, when weight reaches the W3, servo motor to stop, VAT valve shut off.The conveying powder is added to the vibrating screen, through which the large particles are separated and fed into the collecting cylinder. The screened powder is fed into the following material trolley

3.1. Vacuum feeding machine


Using the principle of vacuum, the powder is transported to the mixing device on the second floor. The conveying capacity of the equipment is 6000KG/H. The funnel ismadeof304stainlesssteel.

3.2 powder conveying mechanism


The servo motor drives the conveying screw to transport the powder out. The specially designed blade shaped dragon screw is adopted to transport the powder out through the rotation of the servo motor.


3.4. Mobile car


Independently move the trolley, using the bag powder machine material trolley, trolley push in place, open the top cover, press the start button, automatic feeding.


3.5. Open the pouch to standby:


SWDS800 manual unloading station is a bag-opening equipment that emptying the material into the unloading station after the bag is broken manually.

The operator places the bag on the bracket and pushes it into the grid. Next, the operator will cut a vertical hole in the bag, and pour the shaking bag to make it empty, the material by power into the hopper. The built-in air-driven dust collector filter can collect dust produced in the process of emptying the material bag. For associated dust filter models, the filter is cleaned by reverse compressed air injection. The dust fell back into the hopper.


Type no. : SWDS800


Unloading weight: 10~50kg/ bag


● unloading speed: 80~160bags/h


● filtration area: 9m


● filtration accuracy: 2um


● air consumption: 0.5m


3.7 universal crusher


The machine is widely used for crushing many kinds of small block, strip and granular medium and low hardness materials in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Grinding fineness can be freely adjusted between 12-120 mesh according to screen and production requirements.


The machine USES the high speed relative motion between the movable tooth disk and the fixed tooth disk to crush the crushed materials by the comprehensive action of the impact of the tooth rod, friction and the impact of the materials on each other.


The machine structure is simple, scientific and reasonable design, strong, stable running, crushing effect is good, the crushed material can be directly by the host grinding cavity vent, the particle size can be obtained by changing different aperture of mesh, the inner wall of the casing all the machined surface smooth, changed the models before wall roughness, the phenomenon of accumulated powder, medicine, food, chemical and other production process more in line with national standards, reached the requirements of "GMP", by pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries praise and trust of users.


It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries hardness is not large material crushing operations, but also can be used to crush the low hardness of non-metallic minerals, the effect is better.




1. Uniform fineness :(the qualified rate of finished products ≥98%), which can be screened smoothly;


2. High output: the maximum output of this series can reach 2000Kg/h, in addition, according to the needs of customers can be customized with larger output of non-standard equipment to meet the use requirements of customers with high output;


3. Limited by material characteristics: for example, it is suitable for crushing all kinds of cereals, sugar, medicinal materials, etc.;


4. Strong applicability: small test equipment can be configured with 220V voltage, which is widely used in scientific research institutes, colleges and technical secondary schools, etc.;


5. Crushing method: tooth disc, hammer type;


6. Material: all stainless steel, contact material stainless steel;


7. Operating system: ordinary buttons, PLC touch screen;


8. Dust removal: simple dust removal, pulse dust removal;


9. The machine is equipped with water circulation jacket to reduce the temperature of the machine chamber.


Iv. Technical parameters:

3.8 operating system


Touch screen operation. There is power on, emergency stop, manual, automatic button.


3.9 control system


The machine is equipped with independent electrical board, leakage protection switch, dc stability power supply and other power circuit components, control PLC, relay, etc. And external connection, using connectors and terminal table. PLC adopts omron. The ceiling of the power cable is partially perforated. Cables between other equipment are wired and piped at the bottom.


3.10 IPD flow control system


Advanced IPD flow control system, weighing sensor, PLC, servo motor, three control units control and adjust each other, ensure the accuracy of weighing in the dynamic environment, avoid excessive or small amount of processing.


4. Equipment composition

The serial number System composition The system configuration The number of
1 Vacuum feeding system   2
Vacuum pump 2
Filter mechanism 2
Vacuum hopper 2
Counter blowing institutions 2
The valve body 2

Control system


Suction feeding tube 2
2 Feeding hopper system   2 sets of
Support organization 2
Funnel institutions 2
Support organization 2
Weighing mechanism 8
The valve body 2
3 Powder conveying system   3 sets of
Servo motor 3
coupling 3
screw 3
reducer 3
Machined part 3
3 Rack system   1 set of
Steel welding frame 1

Vibrating screen system


  1 set of
Vibration motor 1
Screen agencies 1
Feeding hopper mechanism 1

Charging car


  The car system 15
6 The pouch is on standby   1

The pouch is on standby


7 Universal crusher   1
  Universal crusher 1
8 IPDdynamicweight control system   1 set of
IPD control software 1
IPD control card 1
9 The operating system   1 set of
Touch screen - whalen, display control 1
10 Control system   1 set of
PLC, omron 1

5. Configuration list of major components

The serial number Part name manufacturer The number of
1 Solenoid valve SMC  
2 PLC omron 1
3 Servo motor Yamasa,panasonicelectric,  
4 The sensor KEYENCE omron  
5 Push button switch Imported components  
6 Touch screen Kunlun pass ty 1


6. Energy media


Buyer provides the following energy media


6.1 compressed air: 0.4 ~ 0.6mpa (4-6kgf/cm2), the flow rate of each piece of compressed air is 10L/min, and the utilization rate is 50%


6.2 ambient temperature: 20 ~ 35℃


6.3 relative humidity: 5 ~ 55% HR


6.4 power source: AC220V, single-phase; Voltage fluctuation is less than ±10%; Power supply: 3KVA/4.5 vacuum degree: -101kp ~ -50kp.


7. Environmental conditions


The device can operate without barrier under the following environmental conditions.


7.1 temperature dynamic temperature: 5-35℃


Storage temperature: 0-40℃


7.2 humidity 30-80% but no condensation.


7.3 should not contain salt gas, toxic gas corrosive gas.


7.4 dust shall have no conductive dust.


8. Schematic diagram of equipment

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