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Single Battery Pack Assembly Line Automatic Foam Ingress Cotton Equipment

1 set
Single Battery Pack Assembly Line Automatic Foam Ingress Cotton Equipment
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Tape Material: Foam Single-sided Glue
Tape Size: 130-260mm
Volume Diameter: 1000mm
Cutting Accuracy: ±0.5mm
Adhesive Accuracy: ±1.5mm
Battery Size: 148*103*72
High Light:

lithium ion battery manufacturing machines


lithium ion battery production equipment

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZeCheng
Model Number: ZPCD05C4
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden cases
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets Per month
Product Description

Single Battery Pack Assembly Line Automatic Foam Ingress Cotton Equipment

1, equipment introduction

1.1, this equipment is mainly applicable to the single battery of automatic foam cotton single-sided glue (Mpp substrate) single-layer off-type paper. The equipment mainly includes double-sided rubber release system, correction system, feeding platform system, cache system, process correction system, drive system, die-cutting system, tape stripping system, tape separation system, adhesive robot system, drive system, receiver platform system, collection system, mechanical system, electrical system, loading trolley system.

1.2, equipment features

1.2.1, automatic roll, automatic die-cutting, automatic glue.

1.2.2, to achieve no shutdown feed.

1.2.3, scrap automatic collection.

2.3, the main function of the device

Key technical parameters

1. Adhesive efficiency needs to meet 10S to attach 4 adhesives to 4 cores;

2. Adhesive body height Z direction can be adjusted, adhesive head distance to the adhesive surface 0-250mm adjustable, servo motor with braking function and downward position with mechanical hard limit protection function;

3. Adhesive machine two adhesive strip synchronous attachment, and can meet the width of the two adhesive strip direction distance can be automatically adjusted, adjustment range 0-200mm;

4. The storage space of the whole volume should be satisfied with the whole volume material storage space;

5. To meet the function of each core attached to 1 piece of adhesive strip horizontal (electric core length direction), and beat to meet the requirements (adhesive machine structure preferably four-axis to ensure stability, and design with strength and vibration simulation analysis), to ensure the stability of the equipment;

6. Adhesive accuracy is satisfied: 1, and two vertical bar clearance of 0.5mm requirements, 2, the whole machine adhesive effect accuracy range of .5mm (covers the impact of the component tolerance of the core),

7. The equipment has CCD addressing function, according to the core addressing and strip CCD addressing calculation beat needs to meet the requirements, according to the adhesive accuracy rate of 99.95 and beat analysis can be CCD addressing function details and beat optimization;

8. There needs to be a cache tension stick mechanism (pressure adjustable) between the collection and cutter, and 2 sets of main feed and compression mechanism before the cutter and before the roll;

9. The equipment adopts the standard gas rising shaft bloating and tightening coil, the double-sided adhesive side of the roll has a plastic pressure mechanism to prevent the material roll skew;

10. The artificial operation of the dressing area and the cutter mechanism has a safe protection area isolation;

11. The gas-rising shaft (i.e. the upper feed erlast) has the function of displacement compensation;

12. The artificial operation of the dressing area and the cutter mechanism has a safe protection area isolation;

13. The gas-rising shaft (i.e. the upper feeder plate) has the function of displacement compensation;

14. The height of the coil sleeve is not higher than 1000mm, which is convenient for manual loading and unloading;

15. Film material match ingress special loading lift truck, safety function meets the requirements (at least 1 cable per cable);

16. The material feed plate and the material collection plate position material side sensor configuration is perfect, with the lack of material 2 level alarm function (first level for the lack of material alarm, the second level for the no-material alarm);

17. The adhesive stick mechanism has anti-stick function, the width of the strip is sufficient for compatibility length (material anti-stick treatment / proform treatment);

18. With artificial glue connection platform, in order to prevent de-glue, the material roll is equipped with double press mechanism compression strip;

19. The platform before and after the pressure mechanism to achieve the feeding adhesive strip tightening function, the middle is equipped with a manual cutter (two-layer glue strip when cutting the adhesive), equipped with two-hand control button function, convenient manual glue;

20. The glue connection platform before and after the material detection sensor, the front section of the detection of lack of material platform back end to step up the mechanism to step up the platform left glue strip, through the cache tape residual to ensure that the glue-cutting mechanism does not stop during the change of glue;

21. The device has the function of strip cache, cache 4 meters, with active/passive tensioning mechanism, feeding and caching function perfect (empty reasonable strip cache preferably up and down cache mode);

22. If the adhesive head paste bit tape and cache bit tape is not independent, and the adhesive head back-to-back movement, the adhesive machine cache body (including off-type paper collection cache mechanism) has active and passive cache, over stick effective tension cache of the adhesive strip, to ensure that the adhesive process slow storage tight function does not fail, adhesive strip not fold, material detection, glue compensation and alarm function perfect;

23. The film feed position and cutting position need to have active correction mechanism, detection sensor can effectively detect the offset skew, the correction accuracy to meet the distance between the end correction and the cutter design needs to ensure the correction accuracy), to ensure the transport of the rubber position accuracy;

24. Cutting glue mechanism with tool automatic cleaning function, cutting glue position has two-hand control button and compression mechanism release button, side manual collection and release of material debugging;

25. The cutting mechanism has the precision of rapid recovery die-cutting after maintenance/change of knife (requires the realization of parameter teaching);

26. Knife use frequency requirements count, with knife die life management system, knife die life replacement can be set specifications and will reach 90% of the life of the prompt warning until the knife mold replacement, reach the life of 100% still do not need to replace the equipment needs to alarm and stop;

27. The collection mechanism has the function of material filling detection, the volume requirements are flat and easy to manually operate the discharge material;

28. The adhesive strip and glue connection position have the detection alarm function/NG head with automatic identification and discharge function;

29. The design needs to have an effective tensioning effect, the lower floating tensioning mechanism lift active control, overroller roller rubber strip does not exist sharp angle, material roll delivery and cutting position have correction compensation function;

30. The gas expansion shaft of the adhesive machine material mechanism increases the automatic correction translation motor to achieve the level correction distance of the loading position is greater than 50mm; 31. The adhesive machine design coil material support positioning equipment is stable during the use period, the strength support can meet the load bearing requirements of 1000mm incoming diameter (about 300KG, the design needs to take into account the impact of the artificial loading plate falling on the support roller);

32. The glue-gluing machine tension mechanism has the function of plastic paper force detection and feedback;

33. The adhesive machine positioning large plate using small piece splicing way (die-cutting machine and active roller module using a holistic guarantee accuracy), the paralleland verticality between the rollers need to meet the requirements of the adhesive stick transmission;

34. The material skew detection sensor of the material mechanism on the glue dispensing machine needs to be configured in front of the roller protection to avoid interference with the sensor detection mechanism during the transfer of glue;

35. The area of the adhesive bubble does not exceed 10% of the adhesive area, and the preferred adhesive mechanism has the optimization scheme of tilting adhesive exhaust bubbles;

36. Adhesive press head with set pressure and limit anti-stay function;

37. Do not bounce or raise after the glue;

38. Adhesive head needs to ensure the accuracy requirements of the adhesive;

39. The overall stability of the machine meets the requirements, and the position relationship with the line body is stable and indestimable;

40. Peeling plywood position to ensure that the final superiority of the suction sheet suction effect requirements to meet 99.95%;

41. The function of the strip device after the die-cutting to prevent the adhesive strip from sticking;

42. Parameters are displayed on the same page, set with 3 levels of permissions, different levels of permissions corresponding to different program modification or viewing permissions, human-computer interface should be recognized by CATL;

43. The glue dispenser design meets the frequent change of materials and the fast-change ability of compatibility;

44. The position of the adhesive head has the function of real-time pressure monitoring, and can implement the effect of monitoring the glue paste process and anti-stay;

45. The material wheel on the dispensing machine, the dispensing wheel and the receiver wheel need to have The Particle protective bezel and safety partition;

46. The dressing bit and the cutting glue bit should be isolated, cut the glue paste position when the door opens the equipment stop, the change of the door opens without stopping;

47. Scan double-sided glue batch information upload MES, scan double-sided film PN error-proof, to avoid material error;

48. The amount of double-sided adhesive, pressure, time and other data are stored locally and bound to the mod Slu number;

49. Adhesive head with elastic buffer mechanism, adhesive position has hard limit protection, prevent overvoltage core, alarm function is perfect.

50. All equipment must comply with the contents of the Nebula FAT table, or before the outsourcer ships, Nebula sent engineers to the equipment FAT qualified, before shipping;

51. The outer frame door frame is made of sheet metal-encrusted plexiglass;

Energy media

4.1. Power

4.1.1. Voltage AC220V, single phase;

4.1.2. Frequency 50HZ.

4.2. Air

4.2.1.Pressure 0.4 to 0.45Mpa.

4.2.2. Traffic 20L/min.

Five. Environmental conditions

The unit can operate without barriers under the following environmental conditions.

5.1 Ambient temperature: 5-35 degrees C

5.2 Humidity 30-80% but should not be exposed.

5.3 Should be free of salty gas, toxic gas corrosive gas.

5.4 Dust should be free of conductive dust.

5.5 The magnetic boundary should not affect the magnetic boundary of the device.

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