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Touch Screen Plate Bending Feeder Automatic Cutting And Taping Stable Operation

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Touch Screen Plate Bending Feeder Automatic Cutting And Taping Stable Operation
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Stable: 97%
Speed: ≥12PPM/min
Qualified: 99.50%
Weight: 800KG
Voltage: AC220±10%
Warranty: 1 Year
High Light:

pressure leak detector


automatic nailer machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZeCheng
Model Number: ZC-AC-2
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: Working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Product Description

                        Touch Screen Plate Bending Feeder Automatic Cutting And Taping Stable Operation


1. Plate bending feeder design requirements


1.1. The equipment is connected to the welding equipment of the pole group of party a, and its welding speed and equipment control are synchronized with the welding equipment of the pole group of party a, so as to realize the bending of the plate connecting bar before the welding of the pole group and automatically send it to the welding place of the welding equipment. Do not damage the convex points after the bond plate is bent. The equipment has a high degree of automation, stable and reliable operation, and can meet the requirements of party a for 24-hour continuous production.


1.2. Efficiency: 12 pieces of plate /min, (the specific speed matches synchronously with the welding equipment of party a's pole group).


1.3. The equipment can adapt to the production of a variety of specifications of products, in the process of equipment production to replace the product model, the time required no more than 15 minutes.


1.4. The incoming material method of battery plate blank is cartridge type, one cartridge can hold 80-100 pieces of electrode at one time. (calculated according to the thickness of pole sheet 6.5mm)


1.5. Work flow: feed box feeding → feeding manipulator → bending → rotating manipulator → automatic feeding to welding equipment.


1.6. Features: automatic loading and unloading, automatic conveying, convenient and reliable operation, reduce manual operation and labor intensity, control and efficiency are synchronized with the welding equipment of the pole group of party a.


1.7. Dust protection requirements:


1.7.1. All equipment should have dustproof function, and there should be powder collection tank under the overburden.


1.7.2. All electrical appliances shall be dustproof, switch, socket and plug shall be dustproof.


1.7.3. Motor leads should have protective sleeve.


1.8. After the design is completed, the drawings shall be confirmed by party a as one of the annexes to this technical agreement.


2. Main technical requirements and parameters


2.1. Suitable for plate dimensions: width of 60 ~ 171mm; Length: 70 ~ 420mm (including connecting plate); Thickness: 1.5 ~ 7mm.


Suitable for stringing plate width of 30 ~ 60mm; Length: 51 ~ 71mm; Thickness: 0.5 ~ 1.2mm.


2.2. Plate bending feeding every 12 pieces /min. Set the number on the touch screen. When the set value is equal to the calculated value, the count alarm will be given.


2.3. The automatic suction pole set of the manipulator is placed in the positioning mold, and the equipment will automatically load and unload individual parts. After the automatic bending is completed, the linear feeding will automatically move forward one station, rotate the 90° cylinder to absorb and send to the welding machine for welding. (work in this cycle)


2.6. Bending ensures that bending is vertical and convex points are not damaged.


2.4. Wire body and supporting equipment, color gsb05-1426-2001 paint film color standard sample card 8PB07 light (iron) blue.


2.5. Power supply equipment and power distribution system power cabinet gsb05-1426-2001 paint film color standard sample card 82 Y13 light yellow gray. 3. Plate bending feeder is mainly composed of components Into parts

3.1 equipment schematic diagram


3.2 technical parameters of the equipment

Machine specifications




Technical parameters

Efficiency (PPM) ≥12PPM.
Auxiliary time (S) 2s(shift time)
voltage 220v
Total power (kw) 1.4kw
Normal operating power (kw) 1.2kw
Other energy media Dry compressed air source
The weight 200kg
The body size 1500(L)X840(W)X450(H)

3.3 main components of equipment

The serial number System composition The system configuration The number of
1 Rack system   1 set of
  Welded skeleton construction 1

Substrate (plate plating)


2 Automatic feeding assembly   1 set of
  SMC cylinder 1
  SMC cylinder 1
  SMC cylinder 1
  Linear guide rail - silver plating 2
  Linear guide rail - silver plating 1
  chuck 1

The grinding tool bends the assembly


  1 set of
  Stamping abrasive 1
  Gas-liquid booster cylinder 1
4 Equidistant feed assembly   1 set of
  SMC cylinder 1
  Isometric feeding system 1
  SMC cylinder 3
  Linear guide bearing 1

Turn over the component


  1 set of
  SMC cylinder 1
  90 ° rotating cylinder 1
  Linear guide rail - silver plating 1
  chuck 1
6 The operating system   1 set of
  Touch screen - kunlun tong tai 1
7 Control system   1 set of
  PLC, omron 1




3.4. Description of main equipment components


3.4.1. Rack system


Square welding is adopted to ensure the stability of the whole equipment. The surface is painted. The main color of the equipment is gsb05-1426-2001 8 PB07 light (iron) blue. The substrate is electroplated on the surface of the steel plate.


3.4.2. Automatic feeding assembly


The reciprocating cycle feeding system adopts the way of cylinder pushing, there are two stations, one manual station feeding, one station automatic lifting, and the manipulator grasping. When working, manually load the magazine filled with pole slices into the positioning slot of the circulating feeding mechanism, the detection sensor detects the magazine in place, and the manipulator begins to take the material. When the pole piece of a magazine is taken out, the forward cylinder extension pushes the magazine of the rear station to the working station.


3.4.3. Mold bending components


The plate blank is placed on the transfer mechanism by the material taking manipulator, and is bent on the part of the bending mechanism running on the linear spring guide rail. Position the ribbed plate at the bend. Bending requirements are 90 degrees, not to damage the bump.


3.4.4. Feeding manipulator


In order to improve the feeding speed of the battery plate blank, a straight line method is adopted to pick up and down the electrode plate by the manipulator, and the method of electromagnet is adopted to pick up the electrode plate.


3.4.5. Rotate the feeding manipulator


In order to improve the speed of the battery plate blank bending feeding, the material of the pole sheet is grabbed by a 90 degree rotating manipulator, and the grasp is absorbed by an electromagnet.


3.4.6. Straight-line material jacking mechanism


The pole feeding in the magazine adopts the straight-line decelerating motor mechanism to automatically operate to push the pole up to ensure the normal feeding in the sequence. When the pole is all taken out, the straight-line decelerating motor mechanism pushes back to the original position to complete a working cycle.


3.4.7. Control of electrical cabinets


The machine is equipped with independent electrical board, leakage switch, dc stability power supply and other power circuit components, control PLC, relay, motor control device, etc. And external connection, using connectors and terminal table. PLC USES OMRON. The ceiling of the power cable is partially perforated. Cables and air ducts between other equipment are wired and piped below.


4. Energy medium


4.1. The power supply


4.4.1. Voltage AC220V, single phase; Voltage fluctuation is less than ±10%.


4.1.2. Frequency 50 hz.


4.2. air


4.2.1. Pressure 0.4 ~ 0.45mpa.


4.2.2. Flow of 10L/min.


5. Environmental conditions


The device can operate without barrier under the following environmental conditions.


5.1. Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40℃


5.2. Humidity 30-80% but no condensation.


6. Equipment acceptance condition


6.1 randomly submit documents, tools and spare parts list:

The serial number Material (material) name Additional copies Submit time note
1 Special debugging and maintenance tools 1 set/sets When the delivery One set of hexagon wrench per set

Equipment operation manual :(including the following)


2.1 equipment description and operation manual;


2.2 equipment repair and maintenance manual:


Introduction to the working principle of the equipment; General arrangement of machinery and assembly diagram of components;


Lubrication maintenance specification;

1 set of Delivery time or before the equipment is delivered for use The electronic document
3 Packing list and product certificate   When the delivery  
4 Electrical schematic diagram, PLC program diagram 1 After receiving the full payment  
5 Drawings of wearing parts and spare parts 1 When the delivery

Some wearing parts are provided


PDF drawing

6.2 acceptance documents: pre-acceptance documents and final acceptance documents of equipment.


6.2.1 acceptance model: 120-4


6.2.2 acceptance basis: acceptance shall be conducted according to the technical agreement.


6.2.3 pre-acceptance criteria pre-acceptance shall be conducted at the site of party b; the equipment is complete and in good condition, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract and technical agreement; pre-acceptance mainly conducts acceptance of various functions, technical indicators and appearance of the equipment, and further adjusts the unqualified items according to the requirements of party a. The goods will be delivered after the adjustment is approved by party a. form acceptance summary of pre-acceptance;


6.2.4 final acceptance criteria the materials used for acceptance test meet the requirements of this agreement; formal acceptance of the equipment after 2 days of continuous production, and continuous operation for 3 hours upon acceptance; acceptance shall be conducted by the engineering and technical personnel designated by both parties and the acceptance report shall be jointly signed.


7. Rights and obligations of both parties:

The serial number号 project The responsibility party Note (" xx "means the undertaking party)
Party a Party b
1 Foundation construction О   Implement as needed
2 Adjust machine materials at the site of party b О   Provided upon receipt of party b's notice
3 transport   О  
4 The unloading handling О  

Place and secure installation position


5 Equipment supporting conditions О    
6 Air piping construction О   The pressure is required to be stable, and the air source meets the
7 Electrical construction О   requirements of related parameters.
8 Installation and debugging О О


Arrange related operators, maintenance personnel and technicians to cooperate.




9.1 train operators and security personnel correctly


Operation of the equipment, to ensure that the staff can correctly and quickly deal with equipment failure; 9.2 the training includes the entire control system,


Maintain knowledge of mechanical systems and provide training materials;


9.3 training effect: operators are skilled in operation,


Security personnel can handle common failures.


Party a shall designate operators,


Maintenance staff. And fixed, can not be replaced at will; Provide two free training opportunities (training in party a).





Confidentiality clause:


12.1 any provision made by the parties to the other party


Technical data shall be kept confidential and shall not be transmitted or disclosed to any third party in any way without permission of the other party;


12.2 the patent of the equipment belongs to party b, and party a promises not to copy such equipment by itself or allow any other third party to copy such equipment, otherwise, it shall bear all losses caused to party b.

О О  



After-sales service:


13.1 signature shall be made from the summary of final acceptance


Party b shall be responsible for free and timely warranty for non-personal faults within one year (party b shall arrive at the site of party a 24 hours after receiving the notice from party a);


13.2 in case of more than one year, party b shall promptly


Repair, only charge cost;





Product update:


Due to party b's technical development, equipment upgrading and performance improvement, party b shall be responsible for upgrading at the request of party a, and party b shall only charge the cost of transformation

О О  





8. Intellectual property rights


8.1. The product modeling involved in this technical agreement and the intellectual property rights contained in the design drawings and other materials provided by party a are owned by party a. without party a's permission, party b shall not disclose to any company or individual, otherwise, all losses arising therefrom shall be borne by party b; Party a only agrees that party b shall use all materials and information provided by party a for the purposes hereunder.


8.2. The design drawings and patents of the equipment are owned by party b, and party a shall not allow other manufacturers or copy by itself to produce the equipment. Otherwise, party b shall have the right to hold party a accountable and bear all losses caused to party b.


9. Dispute resolution


Any dispute arising from or in connection with this agreement shall be settled by the parties through negotiation or mediation. If no result acceptable to both parties is reached through negotiation or mediation within two months, the said dispute shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the contract arbitration regulations of the People's Republic of China.


10. Breach of contract and liability


Both parties must strictly perform their respective obligations. If one party breaches the basic provisions of the agreement, the other party has the right to terminate the agreement.


And has the right to claim compensation from the other party, the amount of claim according to the relevant provisions of the economic contract law.


11. Other


11.1. This technical agreement and its annex shall be as valid as the order contract as the basis for equipment manufacturing and acceptance.


11.2 this agreement is made in duplicate, with party a keeping one copy and party b keeping one copy. It shall come into force upon being signed and sealed by authorized representatives of both parties.


11.3 matters not covered in this technical agreement shall be settled by both parties through negotiation.

Party a: ********** * power supply Party b: shenzhen zecheng automation co., LTD technology company Equipment co., LTD.

On behalf of: On behalf of:


Cooperation commitment

1. New equipment promise

Our company guarantees that the goods provided to customers are brand new, complete and unused equipment.

2. Confidentiality commitment

Our company promises that without the written permission of any party, the other party's related drawings, technical information, business information and other business secrets and technical secrets must not be leaked to third parties in any way.

3. After-sales service commitment

(1)Two months from the date of shipment of the equipment, Party B is responsible for non-human faults in a timely and free warranty within one year (when the equipment is faulty, the after-sales service staff will respond within 2 hours after receiving the notification. According to the situation, personnel must be in place within 48 hours. No later than 60 hours, to ensure the continuity of production by the buyer;

(2)After the equipment has passed the warranty period, if there is a problem, the two parties communicate and deal with it. If necessary, after-sales personnel will be sent to repair it, and only the cost will be charged. Zh

(3)During the warranty period stipulated in the contract and technical agreement signed by the two parties, the company will provide a warranty for quality problems that are not caused by human damage during the normal use of our products.

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