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600MM Extrusion Coating Machine For LiFePO4 Battery Production

600MM Extrusion Coating Machine For LiFePO4 Battery Production
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Name: Extrusion Coating Machine
Application: Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
High Light:

600MM Extrusion Coating Machine


LiFePO4 Battery Extrusion Coating Machine


LiFePO4 Battery Extrusion Coating Line

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: zecheng
Model Number: ZCTBJ-01-00
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Packaging Details: BOX
Delivery Time: 100DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 10
Product Description

Automatic extrusion coating machine for lithium iron phosphate battery production line


(I) equipment specifications:
1. Substrate thickness: aluminum foil: 0.012 ~ 0.030mm copper foil: 0.010 ~ 0.030mm.
2, substrate width: aluminum foil: 400 ~ 700mm copper foil: 400 ~ 700mm.
3, the maximum wet coating thickness: 100 ~ 500 m(under the slurry viscosity allowed).
4. Maximum width of coating: 680mm.
5. Mechanical belt moving speed: max15m/min.
6. Total machine length: about 25m.
(ii) equipment performance:
1. Coating method:
1.1 intermittent coating:
1.1.1 first side automatic fixed length section coating.
1.1.2 reverse side automatic tracking first side overlay coating.
1.2 continuous coating: zero intermittent coating.
2. The shortest discontinuity (without coating blank) length: 12mm.
Minimum coating length: 20mm.
Minimum coating + interval: 50mm.
3. Coating accuracy (see attached drawing A/B) :
3.1 precision error of dry thickness: single side 2 m; Both sides 4 m (head/tail and sides excluded, see attached picture).
3.2 alignment error of front and back coating: 0.5mm.
3.3 average length error: 0.5mm.
3.4 average width error: 1.0mm.
4. Inner diameter of winding core: 3" adopts air swelling shaft.
5, tension control: tension control closed-loop system, continuous adjustable.
6. Accuracy of rectifying controller: 0.2mm.
7. The operator shall operate the coating mechanism from the front.
8. Add a linear stirring device to the feed tank, and the stirring speed can be adjusted according to the slurry viscosity.
9. Drying form:
9.1 hot air drying: electric heating 9KW 2 2+18KW 4=108KW.
9.2 the upper and lower heating of the first and second sections of the drying oven are independently controlled, and the upper and lower sections of the third and sixth sections of the drying oven are separately heated, and the upper and lower sections are separately ventilated.
9.3 air delivery: 1000 m3/ h * 2 * 2 + 1500 m3/ h = 10000 x 4 m3/h (air volume of each section is independently adjustable).
9.4 exhaust air volume: 6000m3/h, manual damper adjustment.
9.5 the first drying oven is equipped with driving roller, arc distribution and servo drive; The upper and lower air inlet of the first and second sections are respectively controlled by an independent frequency conversion fan; The third ~ six sections into the elegant demeanour with the damper manual adjustment.
10. Oven length: 3m/ segment 6 =18m.
Material of oven: both inside and outside are made of stainless steel.
12, oven temperature: room temperature to 140 ℃, each independently adjustable temperature control precision (+ / - 1 ℃.
13. Counting function: single chip counting mode.
14. See attached figure C for equipment direction selection.
Note: the above indexes should work best when the slurry condition (viscosity, granularity, uniformity, etc.) matches the setting of each parameter of the equipment.
(iii) process flow:
The electrode base material placed on the coiling device enters the tension system after automatic deviation correction, and then enters the coiling head after adjusting the coiling tension. The electrode is coated according to the setting procedure of the coiling system. After coating the wet sheet into the oven by hot air drying. After drying the plate tension system adjustment, and control the winding speed, so that it and coating speed synchronization. The pole plate is automatically corrected by the deviation correction system to keep it in the set position, and the rewinding device is used for rewinding.
(iv) equipment overview
Institution name quantity
After rolling mechanism....................................(1)
The coating..............................(1)
The drying system is good......(1)
Of the collection of institutions..........................................(1)
• the control system....................................(1)
1. Unwinding mechanism (with automatic rectifying device) :
(1) mode: uniaxial fixed type.
(2) (diameter: 450 mm Max Φ.
(3) winding weight: max300kg.
(4) coil core: inner diameter 3" (the reel is provided by the user).
(5) drum clamping: air swelling shaft.
2. Coating mechanism:
This mechanism is composed of feed trough, coating roller, scraper roller, back roller, drive motor, reducer, optical fiber sensor, precision bearing and high-performance pneumatic components. Among them, servo motor, reducer and pneumatic control are imported products, and bearings on coating roller and back roller are imported precision bearings. Man-machine interface, PLC and other components of the intermittent coating control system, according to the user process size design coating program.
The coating mode has two working modes of continuous coating and intermittent coating. The length and spacing of the first side and the back side can be set respectively. The parameters can be adjusted continuously according to the specification of the battery, (single pulse) resolution accuracy 0.01mm. Back coating by fiber optic sensor tracking the first automatic positioning, according to the parameters set back coating. Coating roller and back roller speed indicators can be set on the touch screen and display. Coating thickness adjustment can be achieved by adjusting the blade clearance or changing the coating roller and back roller speed ratio.
(1) the applicator roll and its transmission mechanism: the applicator roll Ф 160 mm in diameter and high precision roller rigidity, both ends by installed in the independent high-precision bearings group within the bearing support, applicator roll composed of servo motor and precision reducer drive gear drive.
(2) benchmark pinch roll and backup roll and its transmission and in a mechanism: benchmark pinch roll Ф 160 mm in diameter and high precision roller rigidity, clamping roller for rubber roller. Back roll for Ф 160 mm diameter, special rubber roller ends by installed in the independent the high-precision bearings inside the bearing seat, benchmark pinch roll and backup roll consists of a set of servo motor and precise deceleration drive gear drive.
The bearing seat of the above backroll part is installed on the guide rail that can advance and retreat. The advance and retreat mechanism is composed of two parts:
(a) pneumatic advance and retreat mechanism composed of about two sets of independent cylinders can realize the back roller advance and retreat in the process of coating head piercing and cleaning.
(b) the left and right sets are driven by the precise advance and retreat mechanism composed of servo motor, etc., to realize the precise advance and retreat and positioning of the back roller during intermittent coating. During the discontinuous coating operation, the advance and retreat stroke, speed, length of coating section, discontinuous length and other parameters are set by the touch screen before coating, and the advance and retreat of the back roller are controlled by the set parameters for discontinuous coating. The advance and retreat stroke of the back roller is set by the touch screen before coating.
(3) the scraper roller and applicator roll gap adjusting mechanism: scraper roller is comma blade Ф 160 mm in diameter, is supported by both ends scraper holder, scraper block installed on the guide rail can lift up and down. The scraper has a rotating cylinder which can rotate the cleaning blade, and the blade is positioned by the positioning mechanism. The clearance between scraper roller and coating roller is controlled by servo motor.

600MM Extrusion Coating Machine For LiFePO4 Battery Production 0

3. Drying system:
The drying system consists of fan, air heater, incubator, inspection door, exhaust pipe and so on. The insulation box can be divided into sections to control the temperature. The inner and outer parts of the box are made of stainless steel plate. The inlet and outlet air ducts are equipped with air volume adjusting damper, which can adjust the inlet and outlet air volume according to the needs. After the coated wet-pole sheet enters the drying oven, the upper and lower air supply drying method is adopted in the oven for highly efficient drying. The dry air is sent by the fan through the hot air system for heating and then sent into the oven, and the air hole blows evenly to the wet coating. The design of drying and ventilation system ensures that the drying process is operated under negative pressure, ensuring the health and safety of operators.
4. Take-up mechanism:
The device consists of a rectifying mechanism at the oven outlet, a floating roller tension mechanism, a take-up driving device and a take-up tension sensor system. The plate in the coating (intermittent coating) and drying process to maintain constant tension, and control the winding speed and coating speed in sync.

600MM Extrusion Coating Machine For LiFePO4 Battery Production 1

600MM Extrusion Coating Machine For LiFePO4 Battery Production 2600MM Extrusion Coating Machine For LiFePO4 Battery Production 3


5. Winding mechanism:
(1) mode: single-axis winding.
(2) when the foil is broken during operation, the base material needed to connect the foil can be manually pulled out from the rewinding shaft.
(3) winding diameter: 450 mm Max Φ.
(4) winding weight: Max. 300kg.
(5) reels: inner diameter 3" (reels provided by the user).
(6) drum clamping: air expansion shaft mode.
6. Automatic control system for coating drying:
6.1 coating control system:
This system is composed of imported original PLC, servo motor, servo amplifier, 10.4 inch color touch screen, optical fiber sensor, pneumatic solenoid valve and so on. 10.4 inch touch screen as a man-machine interface, screen friendly, intuitive display, easy to operate.
During the coating process of the equipment, the linear speed of the coating roller and the number of coating plates are automatically displayed on the touch screen, and the parameters set can be fine-tuned at any time according to the requirements of the production process.
When the equipment failure, the touch screen will display the corresponding correction screen, so that the operator at a glance, in order to facilitate the troubleshooting equipment.
6.2 temperature and control:
The system is composed of temperature regulator, thermocouple, relay and so on. The internal temperature of each drying oven is measured and automatically controlled.
(v) acceptance methods:
1. The buyer shall prepare its own test run and the supplier shall conduct preliminary acceptance inspection in accordance with the factory standards of the supplier's equipment.
2. Select several representative battery specifications for acceptance of coating and interval length setting data.
(6), the buyer should bring along their own power supply: 3 Ф 380 v, 50 hz 140 kw.
Air source: 0.5 ~ 0.7mpa.
(vii) appearance color: the color shall comply with the standard of the supplier or the color label provided by the demander.
(viii) list of spare parts: one coating roller, scraper roller and back roller

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