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Ultrasonic Welding Machine

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Ultrasonic Welding Machine
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Stable: 97%
Speed: ≥12PPM/min
Qualified: 99.50%
Weight: 2300KG
Warranty: 1 Year
Voltage: AC220±10%
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laser welding equipment


ultrasonic welding equipment


Li Ion Battery Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZeCheng
Model Number: ZC-AA-63
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Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90 workdays
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per months
Product Description

Low Noise Laser Welding Machine Ultrasonic Welding Machine 1 Year Warranty


1) 2.1 equipment functions and introduction

2) Ultrasonic welding machine equipment has the following main features: single batteries incoming sweep code loading, and short circuit detection, the single batteries batteries of the ear is the cathode respectively detect qualified ultrasonic welding, after welding to cutting, dust removal, plastic pole ear, qualified batteries batteries caught by manipulator matching location matching, matching caught after the completion of fixture, fixture products according to the connecting piece, batteries, protecting piece lined up from down to up, the ultrasonic location is negative for ultrasonic welding, welding stick adhesive, after completing rubberizing qualified batteries to the next working procedure.


2.3 main modules and functional requirements:

The module The technical requirements
Polar ultrasonic welding machine 1 actual production capacity: 3PPM
2. Feeding time of adapter and protector is ≥60min
3. Equipment yield: 99.5% (except defective incoming materials), equipment yield :≥98%
During the transfer process, the cell shall be transferred under the protection of the fixture, and the relative displacement between the cell and the fixture shall not occur. The number of times the cell is caught inside the machine should not be more than three times (the number of the cell entering and leaving the machine is not included).
Bare cell feeding 1 reliable grasp, no material dropping or entrained materials, the repeated precision of the mechanism operation ≤±0.05mm.
2. Flexible design of manipulator, the moving part wire is flexible wire, metal material is not allowed to be used in the mechanism or part in direct contact with the product, and rubber pad should be added to the mechanical gripper.
3. It can prevent the product from falling under the sudden state of death and power failure.
4. Anti-stalling inspection of incoming material direction of electric cell (through scanning code detection).
Short circuit hi-pot detection 1. During short circuit detection, the electrode ear shall be pressed and tested again.
2. The test time of hi-pot was 3s, and was adjustable from 1.0 to 10.0s. The discharge time is 1s and 0.5~ 5.0s is adjustable. Hi-pot voltage DC100V, range DC 0~500V, 50V gear;
3 the current value and voltage value can be fed back to the PLC system at the same time to ensure the accuracy of short circuit judgment.
Ultrasonic pre-welding 1. During welding, there should be baffle at the root of the pole ear to prevent dust from falling into the battery cell;
2. Before welding, the electrode ear shall be reshaped according to the position requirements of the electrode ear of the electric cell;
3. Dust removal device is required in the welding process;
Welding area and number of welding marks shall be welded according to the customer's technological requirements;
5. It is simple and convenient to replace the welding head, with no sticky base. The number of times of use of the welding head and welding seat is ≥ 300,000 times, and it can be polished for 2 times.
The service life of 1 cutting knife of pole ear is ≥ 500,000 times;
2. Easy to replace the cutter;
3. Automatic collection of cut scrap and scrap;
1. The cut polar ear should be reshaped without damaging the polar ear
2. Dust the pole ears after cutting;
1 aluminum/copper transfer plate adopts the form of sheet material incoming material, cartridge type feeding, feeding cycle: ≥60min.
2. The positioning fixture of the connecting piece and the electric cell should be based on the same benchmark, and the connecting piece should be ≤±0.5mm relative to the electric cell.
3. The loading of copper and aluminum transfer plates shall be effectively prevented from sticking.
Thickness of aluminum transfer plate: 0.6-1.2mm, thickness of copper transfer plate: 0.4-1.2mm (the specific thickness shall be subject to the process drawing);
5. The loading of the protection sheet and the connecting sheet shall be prevented from imbibing and absorbing more than one sheet, and the alarm shall be given if it fails to imbibing or absorbing more than one sheet for three consecutive times, and a waste device shall be installed to store more than one sheet; Protective sheet loading station must have shielding function.
6. Assembly positioning accuracy ≤0.5mm, the gasket is required to be inside the adapter, and the edge spacing ≤0.5mm.
Naked cell positioning module 1 two cells to medium ≤±0.3mm.
Do not scratch the surface of the cell.
Except the welding area, the rest of the cell surface should be protected.
4. Effective measures should be taken to prevent the collision and decarburization of the bare electric cell. The materials in contact with the electric cell are all non-metal.
Protective sheet feeding module 1 realizes automatic feeding of aluminum/copper protective sheet, which is placed in the ultrasonic welding position of the pole group and the pole ears, and the copper/aluminum protective sheet is fixed by the welding protective cover.
2. Thickness range of aluminum protection plate: 0.1-0.5mm; thickness range of copper protection plate: 0.1-0.5mm (party a shall provide drawings and suggest 0.2mm), which shall be placed on the upper part of the package ear of the matched rear pole group.
3. Aluminum/copper protection sheet adopts the form of sheet material incoming material, cartridge type feeding, feeding cycle: ≥60min.
The equipment shall conduct ultrasonic welding for each copper/aluminum pole lug, with 1 welding spot on each pole lug, the welding spot size: 5*15mm (the specific area shall be subject to the technology), and shall conduct one welding for each pole lug after assembling, for a total of 4 times.
5. Assembly positioning accuracy ≤0.5mm, the gasket is required to be inside the adapter, and the edge spacing ≤0.5mm.
Ultrasonic welding module 1 installation base of ultrasonic welding machine shall be able to realize XYZ three direction adjustment, XY axis adopts servo drive automatic adjustment.
2. After ultrasonic welding, the products were randomly selected for inspection. The vertical tensile force was > 100N, and the horizontal tensile force was > 60N. The welding joints between the pole ears and between the pole ears and the connecting pieces are torn apart and then adhered, and the stripping residual area is ≥ 60%, which does not produce such phenomena as welding crack, virtual welding, welding skew, adhesive welding head and adhesive base.
3. The welding station battery shall be protected as a whole and equipped with a suction and dust removal mechanism to prevent dust from falling into the battery. The environmental cleanliness of the protective chamber in contact with the product during the working process is higher than the requirements of 100,000 class.
During welding, there should be baffle at the root of the pole ear to prevent dust from falling into the cell.
5. Ultrasonic welding parameters shall be monitored in real time, and if the parameters exceed the set range, an alarm shall be given; Ultrasonic weld cracks/unsoldered defects were detected by energy feedback system.
Tape length and adhesive position can be adjusted.
3. Poor adhesive vacuum detection and early warning function.
There must be a color sensor to detect the presence of blue glue.
5. Adhesive yield ≥99.5%, to ensure that adhesive defects do not flow into the next process.
6 stop to change rubber ≤2min.
1. Reliable grasping, no material dropping or entrained material, operation repetition precision of the mechanism ≤±0.05mm.
2. The flexible design of the manipulator, the contact surface of the product is made of non-metal material, and it is equipped with the reflector for material detection.
Ensure that the cell does not shift during the transfer process and are equipped with pressure-holding solenoid valve to ensure that the product does not fall when the gas is cut off.


Batteries loading mechanism is mainly composed of linear module, guide, cylinder, gas claw and compaction mechanism, the main function of the transfer of the batteries at the same time in the transfer process and to ensure the blackouts to snuff out the accident situation such as batteries will not fall, adopted in sealing type solenoid valve control cylinder, can effectively keep the line when power cuts to snuff out the pressure will not immediately leaked, can keep the line pressure for 20 minutes.


Ultrasonic pre-welder position is mainly composed of ultrasonic welder, vacuum tube, pole ear pressing and shaping mechanism. Before ultrasonic pre-welding, the clamping and shaping mechanism of the pole ear will first tighten the pole ear, and then the pole ear will be reshaped to the middle according to the requirements of the process to ensure that the pole ear after the pre-welding is consistent with the requirements of the process. Ultrasonic pre-welding according to the requirements of welding two points or a line.


Cutting mechanism is mainly composed of cutting cylinder, mounting seat, guide column, upper and lower cutting knife and waste collection box. The main realization of the pre-welding after the electric cell pole ear for cutting, cut off the surplus part of the pole ear, and ensure the uniformity of the pole ear, the cutter using white steel or tungsten steel knife, cutting knife can be repaired for many times, life up to 500,000 times.


The feeding mechanism of transfer plate is mainly composed of discharging magazine, jacking module, secondary positioning mechanism and transfer plate transplanting mechanism. It mainly realizes the function of accurately placing the copper and aluminum transfer plate in the ammunition clip to the specified position of the welding fixture. Due to the difference in size, shape and thickness of copper and aluminum transfer plates, effective detection and retention correction are needed to ensure the accuracy of the positions of the two plates in the process of material release and transfer. Secondary positioning of the transfer plates is needed to ensure the position accuracy before placing them in the welding fixture. At the same time, the adapter should be tested to prevent reverse misplacement.
Effective anti-sticking measures shall be taken for feeding copper and aluminum transfer plates:


The feeding mechanism of the protection sheet is mainly composed of the feeding magazine, jacking module, the secondary positioning mechanism and the transplanting mechanism of the protection sheet. It mainly realizes the function of accurately placing the copper and aluminum protection plate in the ammunition clip to the specified position of the welding fixture. Due to the difference in size, shape and thickness of copper and aluminum protection plates, effective detection and error prevention are needed to ensure the accurate positions of the two plates in the process of material release and transfer. Before placing the protection plate in the welding fixture, it should be positioned twice to ensure the position accuracy. At the same time to protect the film to detect whether there is a reverse error.
Protective film put anti - retention measures are basically the same as the adapter.


Ultrasonic welding station is mainly composed of ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic X and Y axis moving module, Z axis lifting mechanism, electric cell protection mechanism and smoking dust removal mechanism. The main realization of the transfer piece, the electric cell pole ear, the protection piece through the ultrasonic wave will be welded together, the area of the welding mark according to the process requirements to choose the appropriate welding head, welding head can be repeatedly polished twice, welding head and welding seat service life of 150,000 times.
1) protective measures for welding dust removal:


Protection principle of welding cell: first, the protection plate will cover the surface of the cell, and only the welding area is reserved. The upper and lower welding heads are equipped with dust extraction ports. In the welding process, the smoke purifier will have coaxial air pumping, and the welding spatter will be pumped into the smoke purifier through the dust extraction ports.
2) parameters and configuration of smoke purifier
A. The suction pipe has a high fire performance, and the fire rating can reach v-0.
B. fuselage metal frame structure, safe and durable; The structure is clear, divided into: air inlet chamber, filter chamber, air purification chamber, and exhaust chamber.
C. The filter layer in the filter element has a high fireproof characteristic, which can instantly reach the fireproof requirement of (200-300) ℃, and the fireproof grade can reach v-0.
D. High precision filtration, as small as 0.3 micron.
E. Pulse blowback device to maintain a constant air intake and a constant cleaning capacity.
F. Noise reduction structure design, the high-pressure fan installation room is equipped with sound-absorbing cotton, which can effectively reduce the noise and make the working environment more peaceful and pleasant.
G. With the function of temperature induction, the limit temperature value can be set. When the limit temperature is reached, the alarm function will be started, the fan will stop running, and the solenoid valve will be opened to start the nitrogen extinguishing function.
H. With pressure feedback function, the limit pressure value can be set. When the internal pressure reaches the limit pressure, the alarm function will be started.
I. Complete electrical protection measures, equipped with a lack of equal protection device, safe and reliable.
J. With the function of wind speed regulation, the wind speed can be adjusted according to the actual demand.
K. The explosion-proof sheet is installed on the outside of the frame to achieve the function of explosion relief.
2.3.7 adhesive mechanism


Adhesive mechanism is mainly composed of electric cell placement rotating mechanism, adhesive tape detection mechanism, adhesive pulling, adhesive pressing, adhesive cutting and adhesive feeding mechanism. After the completion of the cell welding, the adhesive tape is printed in the welding, and a total of 8 pieces of adhesive tape are printed on the front and back sides. After the completion of the adhesive tape through the color sensor to detect whether the tape is pasted, the unpasted cell in the NG station manual assistance after paste to the back machine.
2.4 basic equipment parameters:
(1) per unit capacity PPM: ≥3;
(2) the primary optimal rate of the equipment: ≥99.5% (only bad products caused by the equipment, except bad incoming materials);
(3) equipment failure rate DT: ≤2% (except bad incoming materials);
(4) equipment noise: ≤75dB (close the doors and Windows, 1000mm away from the equipment or operation bit measurement);
The success rate of automatic code scanning gun for incoming materials: ≥99.8%;
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