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1500W Laser Welding Device Body Metal Frame Structure Easy To Operation

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1500W Laser Welding Device Body Metal Frame Structure Easy To Operation
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Voltage: AC220±10%
Warranty: 1 Year
Weight: 2300KG
Qualified: 99.50%
Speed: ≥12PPM/min
Stable: 97%
High Light:

laser welding device


ultrasonic welding equipment

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: ZeCheng
Model Number: ZC-AA-97
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90 Working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per months
Product Description

1500W Laser Welding Device Body Metal Frame Structure Easy To Operation


Welding equipment scheme


For the welding of your products, we have designed a set of laser welding system, which mainly consists of laser welding machine and welding


The composition of the workbench is as follows:


1 structure and configuration


1.1 configuration and parameters of laser welding machine:


Model uw-s1500-tu


The maximum laser power is 1500W


The laser working medium is doped with rare earth optical fiber


The laser wavelength is 1080nm±5nm


Pulse width continuous light


Power stability ±1%


Output quantity of optical fiber 1 channel whole machine power <5KW


Aiming red light


Power input AC380V±10%/3P+PE


Main machine size: 1395L*630W*1060H(mm)


Cooling method: water cooling


Optical fiber interface type QBH


Optical fiber diameter 50um, 100um optional


Beam quality BPP 50um fiber, <2mm*mrad 100um fiber, <4mm*mrad


Optical fiber length 10m standard


1.2 chiller parameters




2.3 parameters and configuration of smoke purifier



The vacuum tube has a high fire performance, the fire rating can reach v-0. 


Body metal frame structure, frame material thickness of 1.5, safe and durable; The structure is clear, divided into: filter room, air purification room, and exhaust chamber. 


Special alloy swirl metal wind wheel design, fatigue resistance, stable operation, low noise, high air volume, large suction force, high smoking efficiency. 


The filter layer in the filter element has a high fireproof characteristic, which can instantly reach the fireproof requirement of (200-300) ℃, and the fireproof grade can reach v-0. High precision filtration up to 0.3 micron. 


With built-in activated carbon module, the multi-stage filtration design ensures the thorough filtration of harmful substances in the smoke to protect the environment and human health. 


Install stepless governor, air volume can be adjusted at will. 


With timing function, can set the start and stop time. 


With the function of temperature induction, the limit temperature value can be set. When the limit temperature is reached, the alarm function will be started, the fan will stop running, and the solenoid valve will be opened to start the nitrogen extinguishing function. 


With pressure feedback function, can set the limit pressure value, when the internal pressure reaches the limit pressure, start the alarm function.


2.4 supporting structure of welding table (the effect drawing is for reference only, please refer to the actual design for details) :


Table construction (with hood)


Table internal structure (remove hood)


2.5 welding fixture structure


1) product specifications

The serial number The battery model Thickness * width * height (mm)
1 46173 46173132

2) battery cover welding jig


Loading status


2.6 major parts of the welding table


2.7 major component brands


Control system


1. Welding workbench is controlled by industrial PC; 2. The welding track is programmed by teaching method, and the welding process is automated. The welding procedure can be modified, and the operation can be fixed


Modify permission, can be set through the operation interface automatic control; The welding track is input by teaching, and the welding process is automated.


Main configuration is as follows: 1) the X axis translation units: servo motor drive, 400 mm, repetitive positioning accuracy of + / - 0.03, will be subject to the actual design 2) Y translation units: servo motor drive, 300 mm, repetitive positioning accuracy + / - 0.03, will be subject to the actual design 3) Z axis translation units: servo motor drive, 300 mm, repetitive positioning accuracy + / - 0.03, will be subject to the actual design 3 workbench adopts integral design, distribution control back door to facilitate adjustment and maintenance; Standard with monitor, ipc, monitor;


Iii. Efficiency calculation


Welding efficiency: f=W/E


F: number of laser points per second produced by laser welding machine


W: average output power of laser welding machine


E: monopulse welding requires energy


F: F = W/E


F is what we normally call the frequency, let's call it HZ.


Battery top welding efficiency: welding length: (46+173) x2=438mm(the welding rate is 50mm/s, and the scheme is evaluated according to 46173 battery) Manual battery discharge time is calculated according to 8s, the cylinder action 2s, shaft movement 2s a battery welding final needs


9 + 3 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 2 = 26 s


Welding efficiency: 60/26=2.3PPM


Iv. Operation cost


1) the filter element is replaced once a month, one at a time. A chiller needs one filter element in total;


2) welding joint protection lens, the loss depends on the use;


3) power input required by the equipment and cost of operators;

Cooperation commitment

1. New equipment promise

Our company guarantees that the goods provided to customers are brand new, complete and unused equipment.

2. Confidentiality commitment

Our company promises that without the written permission of any party, the other party's related drawings, technical information, business information and other business secrets and technical secrets must not be leaked to third parties in any way.

3. After-sales service commitment

(1) Two months from the date of shipment of the equipment, Party B is responsible for non-human faults in a timely and free warranty within one year (when the equipment is faulty, the after-sales service staff will respond within 2 hours after receiving the notification. According to the situation, personnel must be in place within 48 hours. No later than 60 hours, to ensure the continuity of production by the buyer;

(2) After the equipment has passed the warranty period, if there is a problem, the two parties communicate and deal with it. If necessary, after-sales personnel will be sent to repair it, and only the cost will be charged. Zh

(3) During the warranty period stipulated in the contract and technical agreement signed by the two parties, the company will provide a warranty for quality problems that are not caused by human damage during the normal use of our products.

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