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Cylindrical Li Ion Battery Manufacturing Equipment Liquid Filling Machine

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Cylindrical Li Ion Battery Manufacturing Equipment Liquid Filling Machine
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Stable: 97%
Speed: ≥12PPM/min
Qualified: 99.5%
Weight: 2600KG
Warranty: 1 Year
Voltage: AC220±10%
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lithium ion battery making machine


li ion battery manufacturing machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Zecheng
Model Number: ZC-GA-07
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 100-120 Working day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T,
Product Description

Cylindrical Li Ion Battery Manufacturing Equipment Liquid Filling Machine


1.1. Equipment name: linear injection machine


1.2. Equipment model: jxy-z0508-p288


1.3. Equipment application: liquid injection procedure of cylindrical battery


1.4. Liquid injection method: five times liquid injection, eight times static


1.5. Precision of liquid injection pump: ±0.025g/ round


1.6. Equipment capacity: 30,000/10h (2500mah), actual capacity is determined by battery capacity and process.


1.7. Equipment size: 11763mmX 120mm X 1753mm(length X width X height)


1.8. Equipment qualification rate: 99%


1.9. Equipment running rate: 98%


2. Schematic diagram of liquid injection unit and flow:



3. Put the battery into the battery tray manually (model 18 requires 4-6 people to operate). After placing the liquid into the injection position, the equipment will automatically complete the liquid injection and vacuum, and enter the next process, so as to circulate the liquid injection for 4.times and vacuum for 8 times.


5. Pressure resistance of vacuum chamber: the vacuum can reach -90kpa, and the pressure can reach 0.4-0.5mpa. Vacuum and pressure are set according to field process.

6. Work process description:


6.1 bake the battery and take it out from the oven. Manually put the battery into the liquid injection tray with 288 batteries per tray.

Put the battery tray into the injector for positioning, (positioning the limit block of the injector)

6.2 press the starting switch, and the installed battery will be injected into the designated station through the transfer device. Upon completion, the battery will be transferred to the next station, vacuum will be pumped, and a static cycle will be set. After completion, the battery will be injected into the next station.

6.3 after the completion of the whole injection, manually take out the battery in the tray, the tray is pushed back to the top material station by the return cylinder, the battery enters the next procedure;

6.4 the operation panel adopts the form of touch screen, which is convenient and simple to operate, and the equipment status is displayed in real time.

6.5Note: vacuum time and standing time can be set according to the situation;

7. Equipment configuration:


NO. Device configuration: unit The number of note
1 Vacuum stand tank Set of 8  
2 Automatic injection mechanism Set of 5 Accurate para
3 Electric injection pump (four-head pump) Set of 5 High precision type
4 Vacuum pump or pipeline vacuum (above -90kpa) Taiwan 1 Party a should bring along their own
5 The tray a 40  
6 The machine Set of 1  
7 Battery positioning mechanism Set of 1  
8 Glove box Taiwan 1  
9 Automatic replenishment and storage tank Set of 2  
10 Control system Set of 1  
11 Repair the door a 2  
12 Feeding chuck a 4  
13 Blanking sucker a 2  

8. On-site environment, installation and debugging


8.1. Ambient temperature: shall be determined by the factory environment of party a;


8.2 relative humidity: dry air shall be provided by party a;


8.3 power supply: single-phase 220V, 50HZ, 3KW voltage fluctuation range: +10% ~ -- 10%;


8.4 compressed air: after drying, filtration and pressure stabilization: the outlet pressure is greater than 5.0kg/cm2;


8.5 vacuum source: vacuum pump 10 l/s, above -90kpa, or pipeline vacuum (above -90kpa);


8.6 nitrogen: ≥ 0.4mpa, 30L/min


8.7 dry gas: ≤400Pa(flow rate is about 15m, dew point is below -40℃, the lower the better)


(provided by customer)

Cylindrical Li Ion Battery Manufacturing Equipment Liquid Filling Machine 0

Cylindrical Li Ion Battery Manufacturing Equipment Liquid Filling Machine 1

Cooperation commitment

1. New equipment promise

Our company guarantees that the goods provided to customers are brand new, complete and unused equipment.

2. Confidentiality commitment

Our company promises that without the written permission of any party, the other party's related drawings, technical information, business information and other business secrets and technical secrets must not be leaked to third parties in any way.

3. After-sales service commitment

(1) Two months from the date of shipment of the equipment, Party B is responsible for non-human faults in a timely and free warranty within one year (when the equipment is faulty, the after-sales service staff will respond within 2 hours after receiving the notification. According to the situation, personnel must be in place within 48 hours. No later than 60 hours, to ensure the continuity of production by the buyer;

(2) After the equipment has passed the warranty period, if there is a problem, the two parties communicate and deal with it. If necessary, after-sales personnel will be sent to repair it, and only the cost will be charged. Zh

(3) During the warranty period stipulated in the contract and technical agreement signed by the two parties, the company will provide a warranty for quality problems that are not caused by human damage during the normal use of our products.


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